jeudi 28 octobre 2010

History of Africa otherwise

History of Africa must be written with all African intellectuals and not just by those in power. It is a sacred duty of all we invest in this noble task: to intervene in the course of our history, so it does not taxed.
         Many Africans accept without flinching whatever is imposed by the authority. Several intellectuals never emit their opinions. Resigned, submissive, allergic to change, lovers of foreign securities, they dare not discuss measures by the authorities often imposed unfairly.
         With modern communications, we can change this situation and share our views by staying honest, tolerant, respectful, honest and correct.
         Placing us above our interests, political, economic and sectarian, we can help improve governance in Africa as well as managing our cultural resources, human and economic.
         We are confident that this spirit of mutual listening, we can help our leaders, policy makers and their mentors to take accurate measurements, social and equitable.


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