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The illegitimate offspring of Leopold I, King of the Belgians.

At the funeral of Leopold II in December 1909, a man who looks just like water Leopold I drew all eyes. Nobody doubts that this is the grand marshal of the court of Saxe-Coburg, Baron Arthur von Eppinghoven (1852-1940), one of the natural son of Leopold I (1790-1865) and his mistress Arcadia Claret-Meyer (1826-1897), the daughter of a Belgian army officer.
         The couple's first son was born illegitimate in the convent of St. Joseph Girls Cross Street Louvrex Liège, November 14, 1849. His name is George, Frederick, Ferdinand, Henry.
At the time, Queen Louise-Marie, official wife of King Leopold I, aged 38 years is very ill and died the following year.
         The second illegitimate son born Sept. 25, 1852 at Castle Castle Stuyvenberg and receives the names of Christian Frederick Arthur.
         Contrary to the official story which claimed that the natural progeny was out with the two King's son, George and Arthur, the first king of the Belgians had a numerous progeny result of illegitimate relations with his mistress Arcadia Claret became the Baroness of Eppinghoven (Germany).
         Victor Capron, a lawyer and member of the Circle of History of Laeken was found around the world after ten years of research that has documented in two books: The natural offspring of Leopold I, King of the Belgians (1995) and On Claret traces of Arcadia, the great love of Leopold I (2006).
         They are engineers, doctors, farmers and live in South Africa, Great Britain, the United States, Canada and New Zealand.
"These are people who live simply income from their work, they know their royal origins, but these distant cousins of the king, strong sympathetic moreover, do not claim anything. They prefer to look forward rather than backwards. Their life is now so far from our country ... "
         To complete the investigation, he wrote hundreds of letters in Germany, South Africa, Canada ...
         In September 1994, he even met Baron von Alarich Eppinghoven (born 1930), is the great-king's illegitimate son, a former company director living in Canada with her two twin son, only to be still Eppinghoven name.
         Leopold Ist had inherited a considerable fortune to his mistress, including properties in Germany to avoid scandal.
         After the death of Leopold in December 1865, Arcadia went to live in Germany with his two son. "She takes big train," the author explains: "couplings, hunts, servants, garden art, custom machine with his initials surmounted by a crown with seven branches, many trips to the Riviera, etc".
         Their wealth is enormous but their spending too. With her son, she embarks on countless real estate transactions, not always happy.
When their mother died in 1897, George and Arthur share what is left is to say 1 million DM, which is always a very large sum ...
         Surprisingly offspring, when we learn that George (1849-1904) the eldest son of King Leopold I and Arcadia Claret married a servant girl (after having knocked up three times) who died in an asylum lonely old men in 1943.
         Marianne, born in 1891, one of the daughters of George, died in a schizophrenic mental asylum in Germany in 1973.
         Georg II, born in 1892, was a hero of the Prussian army during the First World War. This caused dissension in the family, saw Arcade, the third natural granddaughter of Leopold I had married, meanwhile, a British army officer.
         Born in 1894, the daughter of Arthur named Louise-Marie has lived in the Brussels region, Gerard Street in Etterbeek, until 1966. She had no descendants. It is interesting to note that despite its origins hidden, she received until her death on the financial support of several members of the royal family, including Queen Elizabeth II, Prince Charles or King Baudouin Ist ( 1930-1993).
         In 1910, a note by the Adviser to the Minister of Foreign Affairs, Henri François Claude Julien Davignon (1854-1916) states: "We have never dealt with matters relating to natural or illegitimate offspring of King Leopold I as affairs of state . They are known officially in Belgium".

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