jeudi 28 octobre 2010

Open Letter to His Excellency Abdoulaye Wade, President of the Republic of Senegal

Excellency Mr. President,

         You are the first African president to whom I am speaking because I confess that until now you were a model of wisdom and intelligence.
         I was glad when you became President of the Republic of Senegal in April 2000 because you gave Africa a sense of political alternation. Your "Sopi" (change) was for Senegal and Africa for more than a hollow slogan and you have subsequently proved.
African writer and historian, I am not to judge correctly your Senegalese domestic politics. This is done by your fellow politicians who do not care.
         Lately, you've made some decisions that call upon all African intellectuals and, if you're not careful, may damage your output.
         When I go to Geneva train station (corner of rue du Mont-Blanc), I can not help but cast a glance at these families entertained tourists pose for photos around the Statue of "The Emigrant reading the Declaration of Human Rights" material erected by your African patriot Ousmane Sow. At that moment, I feel proud to be African like himself.
         Why did you do not entrust the construction of the monument of "African Renaissance"? Why have entrusted the execution of this gigantic monument of "Stalinist" (the remains controversial by your religious leaders) to North Korean manufacturers whose reputation in the World is poor?
         Have you forgotten that Senegal holds the most symbolic and most visited monuments in Africa, the Slave House in Goree city, a world heritage of humanity?
What have you done to facilitate the stay of its illustrious visitors to Goree?
         As part of the African renaissance, I am embarrassed by your proposal to grant land for Haitians, who want to return to Africa. It is a generous and honorable and some Haitians will take you at your word. However, it is random!
         I too suffer when I see these horrible pictures but I am also proud to be Black and African when I see the dignity with which my brothers Haitians endure this terrible disaster.
One of his men worthy in desolation is called "Adieu Bonaparte" and I do not know one Senegalese proudly bearing the name of "Goodbye France."
         Beyond the noble emotion that no one blames you, given the terrible tragedy that struck our brothers Haitians, your proposal, however, leaves a wonderful taste surprise.
You should have immediately send your valiant "Diambar" as peacekeepers to maintain order in Haiti.
         Do I remember the mission accomplished by the Haitian Max H. Dorsinville prepare for the accession to independence of Togo, Cameroon, Somalia, Tanganyika, Rwanda, Burundi and Congo, and especially his dedication to the head of the UN Mission in Congo from 1963 to 1964?
         In its wake, the Haitian intellectuals flew to the aid of government of Patrice Lumumba who had been abandoned by the Belgian executives. Teachers, doctors, officials, agronomists .... Some died in the Congo, others are more income in Haiti. They became Congolese! Others were permanently marked by the return to basics. The best example is Raoul Peck, the son of one of the brightest executives "French Blacks" who directed the best film about Lumumba.
         Closer to home, let me remind you of courage, selflessness, sense of duty and selflessness of Captain Mbaye Diagne, blue helmet of the United Nations Mission for Assistance in Rwanda (UNAMIR). We can talk about the genocide in Rwanda without thinking of the young "Diambar" hit by a shell after rescuing thousands of lives in the streets of Kigali madness May 31, 1994.
         Are not you proud of the work being done worthily and valiantly General Babacar Gaye, Force Commander of MONUC in the Democratic Republic of Congo?
         While Africa today deplored the sacrifice of Tunisia, Hedi Annadif, Secretary General of the United Nations and Head of Mission of UN peace in Haiti (MINUSTAH) and two hundred of his men, it is the duty of the African Union to strengthen the United Nations Force.
         Like the phoenix, the homeland of Adieu Bonaparte, the first black independent republic, must be reborn from its ashes, because after this island was hard-won. The birthplace of François Toussaint Louverture, the Benin Allada, is the shank of the African American flag and our pride to face the conquerors and imperialists of all stripes. Nobody has the right to touch the Haitian sovereignty under any pretext whatsoever. Africa must ensure there is the apple of his eye.
         This apparent poverty that plagues Haiti was required and maintained by those who do not want to hear about African independence. Let me remind you that the debt that plagues Haiti since 1802 is a pure scam. But who ever bothered to question it? Have you discussed at the G8 which you were invited? And yet?
         Why all French presidents do they visit each year Senegal and none has ever dared to go to Port-au-Prince? Is it not because they dare not look Haitian reality in the face?
         No, black Africa is far from a "Promised Land" for the descendants of slaves. Just, it must welcome those who wish to visit their origins as Ghana does for African Americans.
         Yes, they deserve the "Teranga," your wonderful tradition of hospitality and "Ubuntu", our African solidarity deeply heartfelt. They are Africans and must feel at home in Africa as they're Americans and should feel at home in America.
         No offense, Mr. President, Senegal is not able to retain its young "boat people" who take enormous risks to force the doors of Europe, can not accommodate Haitian migrants without creating problems uprooting of politico-socio-cultural. And what will happen tomorrow when similar disasters occur in the Martinique, Montserrat, Jamaica, Dominica, Suriname, Barbados and La Réunion?
         I was born under an active volcano in the region of North Kivu, which has fourteen, to tell you that Africa itself is not immune to cyclical seismic cataclysms. But why should I seek asylum in Casamance?
         Haiti, the eldest daughter of Africa deserves to become the "pearl of the Caribbean". This disaster is a unique opportunity for humanity to make amends to the country of Adieu Bonaparte. France no longer has any claim to Haiti, the elder sister of the Francophonie.
It is thanks to Haitians that French is an important language of the United Nations.
         The African Union must quickly rethink a comprehensive strategy to help build long-term home of Negritude. To relieve their "ego" the United States and Canada are forced to massively help Haiti, the distorting mirror of their wealth. They no longer consider the Haitians as "workers of sweat" but as an essential part of their geopolitics.
         Latin America (Cuba head), front line, just to prove that Haiti is primarily a member state of the Organization of American States (OAS) and the Association of Caribbean States (ACS) She now has the means to help him recover.
         The spontaneous intervention in Haiti to China, India, Russia, United States, European countries along with other countries around the world to prove that the ideological divide that once separated the world is definitely filled.

Excellency Mr. President,

         If I allowed myself to question some of your decisions and your achievements, not that I doubt the wisdom that gives you your age, or to burn the library you are, but for fear that such decisions "emotional ups or" can not detract from your day (tomorrow or after tomorrow!), that all Africans want majestic as that of your predecessors Leopold Sedar Senghor and Abdou Diouf.
         Thus, you deserve to go down in history as the man of Senegalese "Sopi”.
The time you will probably right someday, but for now you should know that as the oldest African presidents (except Robert Mugabe), you are not entitled to make mistakes!
Senegalese democracy must remain a model for the entire continent.

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