vendredi 18 février 2011

Assassination of Yasser Arafat: Confessions of Ariel Sharon!

  Uri Dan, who died of cancer December 24, 2006 was a journalist, writer and director of Israel. He was a friend of Ariel Sharon, the Israeli prime minister in a coma since January 2006. He published a book of interviews with him titled Ariel Sharon. Intimate interviews with Uri Dan, published by Michel Lafon, Paris, 2006.
In his book, he reveals the contents of a telephone conversation on April 14, 2004 between Ariel Sharon and U.S. President George W. Bush. Israeli Prime Minister informed the President of the United States that it no longer feels bound by the promise he had made in March 2001 not to touch the life of Arafat. George W. Bush says he had to leave Arafat's fate in the hands of God.
Ariel Sharon replied that God needs some help. Faced with the silence of Bush, Sharon has now concluded that he had a free hand to get rid of President of the Palestinian Authority.
When the reporter asked why he did lead President Arafat to justice, he replied that he did not see land of lawyers around the world to defend him and he had to leave work things his way.
Since then, the telephone conversation between Bush and Sharon, Arafat's health has only deteriorated until his death Nov. 11, 2004 in Paris, a mysterious disease.
Many Palestinians are convinced that Yasser Arafat was poisoned by Israeli intelligence. They called in vain for a commission of inquiry. Uri Dan does not deny this accusation, he simply wrote that Sharon will go down in history as the man who assassinated Arafat without killing him!
We will never know the truth because the main defendant, Ariel Sharon lies in a coma since January 2006.

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