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Dag Hammarskjold, a victim of the West or martyr for peace in Congo?

The final night flight to death.
On 17 September 1961, it is 17 p.m. at the N'Dolo airport in Leopoldville (Kinshasa), the United Nations Secretary General, Dag Hammarskjöld and his diplomatic adviser for Congo entering the DC-6B Albertina, registration SE-BDY Sweden Transair Company. The day before, the aircraft was hit by gunfire from mercenaries in Elisabethville (Lubumbashi) without causing any damage. To thwart a possible attack, a decoy plane, the DC6, 00-RIC had been sent to Katanga by a different route. The flight plans of the aircraft and the route of the plane of the Secretary General of the UN have been modified and kept secret.
Flying the aircraft are six crew members experienced all Swedesh: Masters Hallonquist Per and Nils-Eric Aahréus the first officer Lars Litton, the flight engineer Nils Göran Wilhelmsson, the purser and the operator Harald Noork Radio, Karl Erik Rosén. Besides the Secretary-General, the plane took place ten other passengers: The German-American anthropologist, Heinrich A. Wieschhoff (55 years), Director and Deputy Under Secretary for Political Affairs and Security Council Affairs, Mr. Vladimir Fabry American (39 years), Special Advisor to the officer of the United Nations operation in Congo, American William Ranallo (39 years), attached particular the Secretary-General, Ms Alice Lalande, a Canadian national, secretary of the official responsible for the UN operation in Congo, Sergeant U.S. veteran of the Korean War Harold M. Julien, acting head of security service, O.N.U.C.; French Sergeant French, Serge L. Barrau, security service officer, O.N.U.C.; The NCO Hjetle S.O., Persson P.E., and the soldier of the 11th Swedish Infantry Battalion stationed in Leopoldville (Kinshasa).
Dag Hammarskjöld and his diplomatic adviser to the Congo, the Swedish C. Sture Linner (1917-2010) to consult at the last minute: «I wonder if it is wise for us to leave them both, just as the government of Congo is so shaky. Someone has to control the capital in case of bankruptcy» suggests Dag Hammarskjöld. "So I stayed because I knew that I had in Tshombe not trust!" Reports Sture Linner. He had just escaped death. Dag Hammarskjöld, in the beige suit accompanies the tarmac. Both are given a handshake uncertain. It is the ultimate look!  Dag Hammarskjöld back on the plane disappears into the sky towards its Congolese tragic fate in Northern Rhodesia (Zambia).
In the plane, Dag Hammarskjöld's tired, very nervous and prayed in silence."The mission was physically dangerous and politically delicate. Moise Tshombe, the puppet of the Belgians and British were surrounded by a rabble International paid to torpedo all UN efforts to bring peace to Congo", says calmly Sture Linner several years later.  Dag Hammarskjöld is committed to fulfill its mission to an end with the signing of a cease-fire with Moise Tshombe! Because he is convinced that if peace fails in Congo is the end of the UN and the beginning of the Third World War!
In fact, 9 September 1961, the garrison of the Irish UN Jadotville (Likasi), high of 84 men under the command of Pat Quinlan, had ordered to go to Katanga by the French mercenary, Michael Clary after a humiliating fight!

The fatal crash and the martyrdom of the apostle of peace!
On September 18, 1961 around midnight, the DC-6B Albertina colors of the United Nations crashed on a hill at 220 km from Lusaka in Zambia after performing rotations around the small airport in Ndola where he was landing.
In the charred wreckage of the aircraft, identifying the United Nations Secretary General, 56 years is simple: he holds in his right hand bloodied his favorite book: "The Life of Jesus" which was slipped into the text his oath April 10, 1953. He succeeded to the Norwegian Trygive Halvedan Lie (1896-1968) who had resigned in December 1952 in controversial circumstances. When placing a control, the latter told him: "You take the most thankless job in the world"
Dag Hammarskjöld Hjamar Agne Carl, son of a former Swedish Prime Minister (1914-1917) and former chairman of the Nobel Peace Prize (1929-1947), born in Jönköping, Sweden September 18, 1905 had just been reelected to a second term September 26, 1957.
The sole survivor, a veteran of the Korean War and American bodyguard of the Secretary-General, Sergeant Harold Julian, severely burned died five days later in hospital after being told the inspector Trevor Wright, Rhodesian police that "the Secretary General of the United Nations at the last minute had given orders to the driver to change destinations."
Why the plane had he refused to identify with the control tower at Ndola? Had he not want to meet Moses Kapenda Tshombe (1919-1969), then a refugee in the mining town of Bancroft (Chililabombwe) south of Kasumbalesa under the protection of former boxing champion who became prime minister of the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland, Welensky Roy (1907 - 1991) ?
Chairman of Katanga was waiting in Ndola with Jean-Baptiste Kibwe (1924-2008), Vice-President and Finance Minister Evariste Kimba (1926-1966), his foreign minister and some Nnende Odillon.

The assigned diplomat to the impossible investigation Nepal Rishikesh Shaha (1925-2002) ... and the real killers.

For days 180 police officers, investigators and journalists quadrillèrent the ground without finding any evidence of bomb.
According to a plausible hypothesis that has leaked into the medium Katanga, a European mercenary, Lieutenant Robert Gheysels, member of the "Service Action" Tshombe would have slipped inside the plane from the airport to Leopoldville N'Dolo (Kinshasa). He would have forced the pilot to change course, causing the crash.
The objective of Moise Tshombe was to remove and imprison Dag Hammarskjöld in Kolwezi to make him suffer the pangs of exile he lived in Chililabombwe (then Bancroft) and demand the immediate withdrawal without conditions Katanga Peacekeepers O.N.U.C.. Hence the shooting and massacres in the plane.
In 1998, "Commission of Truth and Reconciliation in South Africa", chaired by Archbishop Desmond Tutu has concluded that an attack from documents classified "Secret Defense". It turned out that an explosive was placed in the landing gear burst during landing maneuvers.
The mission to assassinate the Secretary General of the United Nations has been initiated by the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Maritime Institute of South Africa (SAIMR) and the British security service, Military Intelligence, Section 5 (MI5) with the active complicity of the Union Miniere du Haut Katanga (UMHK) and was codenamed "Operation Heaven". The head of Operation Celeste was none other than the Chief of the CIA, Allan Welsh Dulles (1893-1969) who said "Dag becomes troublesome and should be rejected."
Dulles had sent a telegram to his counterpart in Leopoldville September 24, 1960: "We want to provide all possible assistance for the elimination of Lumumba". Patrice Lumumba had been assassinated 17 January 1961 in Katanga.
Norwegian General Bjorn Egge (1918-2007), who served in the United Nations Force in Congo in 1960 and who first arrived at the accident site and discover the body of the UN Secretary General showed the largest Norwegian newspaper "Aftenpsoten" July 29, 2005, Dag Hammarskjold was a hole in the forehead, which was defaced with spray on pictures of the corpse. Two other crash victims had traces of bullets and the cabin of the plane also contained traces of bullets fired from inside the plane as the Scandinavian journalist, Teddy Lindstön, arrived first at the scene of the accident.
Throw the plane into the grass, he would have survived the accident before being shot dead.
Indeed, a retired mercenary revealed anonymously on the Norwegian TV channel NRK (Norsk Rikskringkasting) have met a South African mercenary, who died in the 90 who had confessed to shooting Dag Hammarskjöld.
Timothy Kankasa, an eyewitness reported seeing a "UFO" projecting "light rays" on the plane just before the crash. His testimony reported by the official UN inquiry and taken up in the London Daily Telegraph of 20 January 1962 was taken seriously and relaunched the debate on UFOs in the United Nations.

Why the DC6 was flying without lights?
In 2007, a friend of Dag Hammarskjöld gathered several testimonies proving that the plane was shot down by a Belgian flying a jet Potez Fouga CM170 Aerospace-Magister, of French manufacture. The Fouga Magister was flown by the Belgian Jose Magain (d. January 2003).
What justifies the euphoria seen in some quarters Belgian and European Leopoldville to the announcement of the death of Dag Hammarskjöld. Belgium, stripped of its richest colony openly supported the secession of Katanga and insisted on his physical elimination!
Why the Swedish government's investigation did cut short?
Why the United Nations investigation has she not gone further?
Accident? Sabotage?Attack?
The martyr of Peace would it have been a victim of the sympathy of his father Knut Hjalmar Leonard Hammarskjold (1862-1953) to Nazi Germany and he inherited the seat to the Swedish Academy in December 1954?
And if he paid his intervention in the Suez Canal crisis in 1956?  Had he not condemn the Franco-British intervention in Egypt due to the use by these states of their veto power?
And if they paid their intervention in the determination of Algeria in September 1960 and the case of the base of Bizerte in Tunisia in July 1961 against the advice of French President Charles De Gaulle (1890-1970) which dealt with the UN to "thing" or the United Nations' so-called United Nations "and did not want that France participates in peacekeeping operations in Congo Peace?
  His intervention in Congo was not it also questioned by the Soviet Union?
Upon learning of his tragic death, the former U.S. president from 1945 to 1953, Harry Truman (1884-1972) exclaimed: "They killed him." But will we ever know who he was talking about?
Nicknamed "Mister H" the fervent Christian had not himself predicted his tragic fate by writing in "Milestones": "He who seeks adventure will meet in the measure of his courage. He who seeks the sacrifice be sacrificed, to the extent of its purity."

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