jeudi 7 avril 2011

China: A fine reproduction abuse saltier

In May 2005, Chinese authorities have decided to strengthen the administrative sanctions against violators of the law on birth control. Particularly among sports stars, film or television.
According to official figures, about 10% of affluent Chinese have three children instead of one child per couple required.
« Now the rich must pay much higher fines when they give birth to more than one child! » Said the head of Family Planning in Beijing, Deng Xingzhou, who warned that the era of laxity in the matter was over.

Until 2005, the creation of abusive tax running into tens of thousands of dollars. Couples who create a second child pay a fine ranging from three to ten times the average annual income received in their hometown.
The famous football player, Hao Haidong, who earns 500,000 euros a year, was ordered to pay 5,000 euros, a modest amount when his wife gave birth to a second child.

Among the stars who has not respected the rules, Chen Kaige, Wang Lei singer, actor Li Yapeng, the star de la télévision, Yang Lan... television star, Yang Lan ...
 The actress Zhang Ziyi has been severely criticized by a Chinese newspaper for having "set a bad example" by publicly announcing his desire to start a large family.
For several months, in some regions of China, authorities have launched a sometimes violent repression against peasants having too many children: Threats, disproportionate fines and retroactive, dismantling some of the houses of "guilty", etc.. .

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