vendredi 29 avril 2011

Denmark: The ecological recycling of the dead.

The Danish Cremation has revealed that she takes advantage of recycling metal pieces recovered after incineration of the bodies. According to its president, Allan Vest, metal parts of the hip or knee, for example, are recycled into scrap metal.
          Since 2006, the 31 crematoria Danish earned 77,762 crowns (10,445 euros) by selling 4,810 pounds of metal to a recycler Dutch.
          In 2005, the Ministry of Ecclesiastical amended the statute authorizing the recycling.          It prohibits the use of such residues in works of art and demanded that families be informed of the fate of their dead.
          For Mr. Vest is great for the environment. Besides a dozen institutions have declared supporters of the use of energy by the heat generated by the crematoria, or used in district heating systems.
          In 2011, new regulations require that the crematoriums filter out toxic substances such as dioxin and mercury gases emitted into the atmosphere.
          For this purpose, they should bring them to temperature 800 ° C to 180 ° C, and that the surplus energy produced during the cooling process that crematoriums want to retrieve.
          The International Federation of cremation, based in The Hague, opposed to the marketing of cremation. But the Danish Council of Ethics, which includes scientists, religious leaders and philosophers, sees no reason to oppose recycling heat.
          For him, even if it would be indecent and illegal burning grandmother to heat radiators, cremation is a friendly and hygienic method of removing the bodies, and recycling the heat of combustion poses no ethical problem.
          The Board of Ethics said that decomposing bodies buried them emerge as an energy that feeds the plants and other organisms.

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