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Egypt: «Queen of Muslims» who captured Louis IX, king of France

Shajrat Al-Dur, "The Tree of Pearls."

        "May Allah protect the beneficial Forum, Queen of the Muslims, the blessed Land and World Religion, the Mother of Khalil al-Mustaçimiya, the companion of Sultan Malik al-Salih aC-" piously intone the Egyptians in each mosque during the short reign of Al-Dur Shajrat.
        Slave of Turkish origin, beautiful, intelligent, she loves to read and write. She quickly became the favourite wife of the Ayyubid Sultan al-Malik aC-Salih Najm ad-Din Ayyub (1239-1249) and gives him a son named al-Malik al-Mu'azzan Turan Shah.
        After her husband died November 22, 1249, is negotiating with the military chiefs hold secret of his death to avoid unrest in the country and the enemies do not take advantage Franks. Then it fought the French besieging Egypt. The victory was complete after capture by Baybars rafter of King Louis IX (St. Louis) to the citadel of El-Mansoura (the field of victory in Arabic) February 8, 1250. The Knights Templar released him May 6, 1250 against payment of a ransom of 200,000 pounds. It's the end of the seventh crusade.
        Hoping to convert the sultan of Tunis and Egypt up against his enemies, he died of cholera in Tunis, August 25, 1270. His death marks the end of the Crusades. Canonized by Pope Boniface VIII August 11, 1297, his statue stands in the chapel of St. Louis at Carthage.
        Shajrat entrusts the throne to his son al-Malik al-Mu'azzan Turan Shah. Incapable of leading troops Mamlukes, he was assassinated in 1250. Wife slave self-proclaimed "Queen of Muslims" with the support of the Guard Mamelukes Bahriya sultanic that impose al-Muizz Aybak did Turkomans as an adviser.
        She was then dubbed "The Tree of Pearls." She ruled the sultanate of Egypt from May to July 1250.
        Faced with the strong disapproval of the Abbasid Caliph of Baghdad, Mostassim Billah, she married al-Malik aC-Salih who is immediately recognized as sultan of Egypt. Yet it continues to run the country while her husband conducts military operations.

 The Queen of the praying mantis devouring husbands.

        Unable to bear the authority of a husband who had been imposed, it is murder in 1257. To avoid losing the power and return to the harem, she married General Mamluk al-ed-Din Aybak Muizz has Turkomans after obliged to repudiate his wife Umm Ali.
        The Egyptian currency is struck with their two statues side by side, the khutba is called to the mosque with his name and that of her husband, and both spouses countersign all official documents.
        When her husband decides to marry the daughter of the king, atabeg of Mosul, she sank into a terrible crisis of jealousy and murdered by his slaves in his bath April 12, 1257.
        At first, she believed that her husband died of illness but the truth comes out soon. Stopped by the Mamluks loyal to the sultan, it is first taken to the Bordj al-Ahmar (the Red Fort), beaten to death by his wife divorced in Aybak, Umm Ali helped her handmaidens. His body was thrown over a cliff where it remains exposed for three days.
        He is then buried in Cairo in the court of "Jami Shajarat al-Dur 'school she founded. The throne returned to al-Muizz, the son of Aybak and in 1260, the power fell to the Mamluk Baybars the armorer who ruled Egypt from 1260 to 1277.

Gamal Abdel Nasser taking himself as Saladin!

        In 1962, commemorating the victory of Islam against St. Louis in El-Mansoura, President Gamal Abdel Nasser taking himself as Saladin said: "The Crescent Cross laid in the mud. Only a Muslim conquest we will restore the glory of yesteryear». We will succeed only in recapturing the glory of Allah when riders trample underfoot St. Peter in Rome and Notre Dame in Paris. "No mention of the episode Shajrat Al-Dur and the reign of the Mamluks, this assertion n 'was not empty of meaning?

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