vendredi 15 avril 2011

Papua New Guinea: Killing the male at birth to avoid war.

In 2008, womens of the rural district of Eastern Highlands Province, the highlands in the island of New Guinea, tired by twenty years of tribal wars have decided to kill the newborn males to reduce the number of men and thus avoid war.
Rona Agibu Luke is from a village in the district of Gimi. The verge of tears, she reported that for ten years, several women were forced to kill their boys at birth. It is an intolerable crime, she admits, but they had no choice.
They have been forced as it was for them as women, the only possible solution to end tribal warfare. Belas Kipiyona comes, meanwhile, the village of Amos.
She said it was hard to find food, husbands from their time fighting while mothers and children were left to themselves.
For two decades, in fact, the deadly clashes spread death and  to Gimi, in the region of Okapi
This is called the cut at the root of evil!

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