mardi 26 avril 2011

Paraguay : Lugaucho has heart...but not condom!

"Lugo has heart" was the campaign slogan of the elected president of Paraguay August 15, 2008 and former Catholic bishop of San Pedro, Fernando Armindo Lugo Méndez (born 1951). In a chorus of "clip from the Cumbia," the group Los Angeles diverted the slogan given the antics of the former prelate: "Lugaucho has heart, but he did not put on condoms."
Indeed, 13 April 2009, after admitting to be the biological father of a child born May 4, 2007, his association with Viviana Carrillo (24 years) when he was bishop of San Pedro, six other women have provide reject him.
On April 20, 2009, is Benigna Leguizamon, who revived the controversy by declaring himself ready to go to court to compel the president to conduct DNA testing if he does not acknowledge the paternity of her six year old son. His love affair with the former bishop would have started when she was only 17 years!
 Damiana Hortensia Moran, mother of Juan Pablo (so named in honor of Pope John Paul II), another offshoot of Lugo who wants to create a special commission to help victims of the president to recognize their claim of paternity.
"Yes, we joke around the country saying we're going to appear five, six, sixteen children. We'll see on a case by case," said Gloria Rubin, Minister of Women in the government of Lugo.
Meanwhile, the "Cumbia" from the bishop defrocked a hit on the Net: "What change in my country! But it's a diaper changing ... They will think three times before sending the woman to confess" sings Los Angeles group.
Consecrated bishop by Pope John Paul II in 1994, his resignation was accepted in January 2005 (Fails to divine), but not his request to return to the lay state.
Paraguay, Latin American state, with a total area of ​​406,752 km2 is inhabited by 6,995,665 people.

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