jeudi 21 avril 2011

The paranoia of the Vampire invades Malawi!

In January 2003, southern Malawi was facing a crisis-like fantasy... the government to help the vampires to collect blood for Western agencies to fight against AIDS in exchange for humanitarian aid. The authorities have denied, but the opposition was scared and persisted.
If the scenario seems surreal, the consequences are no less serious. In many villages, people were frightened and afraid of seeing Dracula at every street corner.
In Blantyre, the capital, Governor Eric Chiwaya, a member of United Democratic Front (UDF), was brutally attacked and molested an evening on suspicion of having sheltered bloodsuckers.
"This rumor was fabricated by opposition groups who want to discredit the irresponsible government," explained Rodrick Mulonya, deputy director of the Ministry of Information.
Two tracks have been mentioned. The first was James Brown Mpinganjira, former Minister of Education, dismissed by Bakili Muluzi, President of Malawi from 1994 to 2004. Cleared of these charges, he had shouted political conspiracy. He threatened to reveal the names of corrupt officials of the UDF, the party in power.
The second hypothesis that hairpin training, accusing the government of Malawi to accept GM maize from the United States, try to turn people against him.
"It seems natural to accept this food. How to starve our people when we have the opportunity to fight hunger? Besides, what American organization would accept in exchange for his help, the blood which, given the medical situation here, might be contaminated with AIDS? " indignant Rodrick Mulonya.
It remains that the paranoia of the vampire has caused a wave of violence acute in southern cities. Residents of Thyolo beat to death a man and seriously injured three Catholic priests, all accused of being vampires and blame their hemoglobin. The tent of a clinic against AIDS has been destroyed under the pretext that it was a refuge for sucking blood. The governor of Blantyre was the last victim of this bloody rumor.
But the rumor was persistent, despite government efforts to calm the imagination. Even the speech of President of the Republic, supposedly allay these irrational fears are nothing.
Several residents have recently complained to the police for having been attacked by bloodsuckers. Some villagers refused to leave their homes for fear of making bad games. Others were no longer cultivate their fields. The story turned to bad horror movie.

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