mardi 26 avril 2011

Senegal: Sito Aliin Jatta, "the queen of Kabruss" pioneer of Casamance separatism.

Born in 1920 near Cape Kabrousse Skiriing Senegal (border of Guinea-Bissau). Fatherless very young, she was raised by his uncle Eloubaléne Diatta. Eloubaléne Diatta. She works as a maid in Ziguinchor and Dakar. Polio, and she is paralyzed in one leg at the age of 20 years.
. In 1941, she has visions and revelations "divine". She returns to her hometown of Kabrousse, began to prophesy and to reveal its congeners the purpose of his mission. She preaches resistance to the colonial administration and the refusal to pay taxes. It draws crowds who came from all around the region of Casamance, Gambia and even Guinea-Bissau.
Soon she meets a motley army which clashes with the French colonial army. When his village is threatened with bombing, she surrenders to the French police, January 29, 1943.
She was deported to Timbuktu, in French Sudan (Mali). Since then, nothing was heard of her.
About twenty of his followers were also arrested and imprisoned in Matam and Podor in northern Senegal. They die very quickly and in a mysterious way. His memory very much alive among the Diola (Jola) is the nickname the "Queen of Kabruss.
Subsequently, the Casamance were now treated unfairly compared to the rest of Senegal, which justified even today, their separatist spirit which it is the pioneer.

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