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Argentina, Norway: Prisons innovative

Argentina: A special prison for evangelical inmates

Since October 2009, Argentina is testing a new kind of prison. Most prisoners who have found salvation in one or other of the country's prisons have been transferred to the prison "Christ Only Hope". The unit 25 of the penitentiary in the city of Olmos, infamous, some sixty kilometers south of Buenos Aires, Argentina is reserved for inmates evangelical
Its high rate of success attracts the attention of media worldwide.
Ernetso Irusta, the prison director, explained that prisoners, by 10 to 12 cells, regulate their own problems. "They live and breathe their faith" in an environment where even the guards are believers. The recidivism rate is very low.
"It shows that Jesus Christ is the only one who can change the hearts of men on this earth. There is hope for all people, including criminals because God forgives sins, even where the man does not forgive. God forgives the hearts and come to regret it. Jesus forgave the thief on the cross turned to him and gave him her heart ... "
That's the message that is conveyed to the prison by evangelical preachers.
Evangelical or Pentecostal groups now attract 12% of Argentines
The evangelical churches were able to particularly affect the poor people of the favelas. The Vatican appointed as head of politicization of the Catholic Church known as the "liberation theology" which has been particularly active in Latin America during the 80s and 90s.          According to the Vatican, this "social gospel" have hijacked the faithful of the Roman Catholic Church.

Norway: The country of prison Bastoey

Instead of walls and bars, calves, cows, pigs, strawberries and green a lot of confidence, that the universe of prisoners of Bastoey, an island in the Oslo fjord in Norway since 1997.
Under the seal of humanism and ecology, we learn some the most hardened criminals in Norway, how to reintegrate into society.
"Foreigners do not understand that we can have murderers, rapists or pedophiles without wall or barbed wire. Even if these individuals have committed heinous acts, it does not make them horrible people so far" said Oeyvind Alnaes, the director of the penitentiary.
In this former orphanage for boys difficult Bastoey, 115 residents (from petty criminal to repeat the assassin at the end of sentence) monitored by 70 guards engaged in carpentry, farming, cultivation of land or lobster fishing boat with the prison. Under the watchful eye of supervisors who are not armed and that the prisoners "tu" nicely.
"It's fascinating to see a bruiser who has spent most of his time to beat up people attend, moved to the birth of a lamb in bad shape and give mouth to mouth on the animal to try to revive him, "said Mr Alnaes.
"If you must go to prison, Bastoey is the best place in the world. Here we can flourish. You learn to fend for himself, to wash, to do his cooking, maintaining the home," says Bjoern, convicted of a financial crime.
The working day lasts from 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m., after which the detainees were "free areas" to frolic in the fjord, walk on the island, playing music or sports (Tennis, Horseback riding, skiing). In addition, they are entitled to a leave of 18 days per year and 30 days if they have kids. Families can also visit them every weekend.
The system is based on trust 100%. In winter, a single supervisor is supporting five or six inmates who fetch wood in forests, each with his chainsaw.
One escape attempt was recorded over the last six years, says Alnaes.
Any deviation results in a return to square traditional prison, a bugbear for residents of Bastoey.

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