mercredi 18 mai 2011

Canada: Controversy around a host

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper, has a Protestant communion at Catholic mass celebrated by Archbishop André Richard, Archbishop of New Brunswick, on the occasion of state funeral of former Governor General of Canada, Romeo Leblanc.
"Worse than a misstep, it would be a scandal of the Catholic perspective," said Bishop Brian Henneberry, vicar general of the diocese of St John, New Brunswick.
In the Catholic religion, the consecrated host representing the body of Christ, must be received only by Catholics baptized and confirmed! "It's outrageous. Normally, when celebrating a Mass, Protestants fail to come forward. Pretend everyone and enter the ranks to pick a host that is inconceivable," was indignant, according to Radio Canada, Father Yvon Leblanc, a priest who also attended the ceremony.
After the G8 summit of  Aquila in Italy, Stephen Harper was received by Pope Benedict XVI.
.... A good start to confess or to convert to Catholicism?
Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, Anglican, who allowed himself to communion with the Catholic mass until it was banned in 1996, ended up converting to Catholicism December 21, 2007.
... But only at the end of his last term!

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