mercredi 4 mai 2011

Faroe Islands: Rophin Massacre, an initiation rite!

Every year in the archipelago of the Faroe or "Sheep Islands", 18 including 17 islands inhabited by more or less 47 700 (2006) with 16,000 in Tórshavn, the capital, located between Scotland and Iceland and dependent Denmark is killing dolphins Calderon tradition.
          An ancient rite of passage from the sixteenth century who wants fold the Pilot whales on the port, to kill them, torture them and kill them. This tradition is supposed to mark the entry into adulthood of young Faroese. He, who kills his first pilot whale becomes a man.
          When the alarm is given, the entire village rushed to the beach stranding. The school closes its doors, children are invited to attend the grisly spectacle and every resident, whether or not they participated in the hunt, is offered a share of bacon and meat.
          The blood flows freely from intestines, skulls smashed, viscera, the sea becomes bright red.  The whole family is involved: men, women and children.
          So each year the National Day on 28 and 29 July 1500 near Pilot whales (Globicephala melaena) called by the Faeroese "grindahvur" are thus massacred, killed brutally passionately to tradition.
          Calderon dolphin, a species is endangered yet protected. Whaling and whale meat accounts for between 30 and 60% of the island diet.
          If they have acquired a form of self-government since 1948, the Faroe Islands of Denmark remain dependent for their national defense.          Since 2008, they have a foreign minister. They have their own flag, their own national anthem, stamps and their issue a special passport. They are not part of the European Union and are not recognized by the UN as an independent nation.
          Although the Kingdom of Denmark signed on behalf of the Faroe Islands, the Berne and Bonn on the conservation of migratory species, it can not enforce the implementation of these conventions at the local level.
         This application is left to the discretion of the Faroese Prime Minister, Anfinn Kallsberg.

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