dimanche 1 mai 2011

India: Hugging humanity in his arms!

Born September 27, 1953 in the fishing village of Parayakadavu around the city in Kerala, Mata Amritanandamayi, better known as the Mahatma (Great Soul) Amma (Mother) is a figure of Hinduism.         
In his childhood, Soudhamani Idamannel seemed remarkable in many ways and his parents have sometimes found absorbed in a state of meditation (samadhi).
         She left school at nine, because her mother falls ill and must take care of his family. Eventually she is forced to leave the family home and live without shelter. After an ascetic discipline and mystical devotion, it is Mata Amritanandamayi, the "Mother of immortal bliss".
          She practices Dashran "the embrace of peace" which is to embrace deeply the person for a few minutes, whispering words of love and peace in the ear in its sole mother tongue, Malayalam.
          According to his entourage since 1987, this girl draped in a white sari has already hugged over 26 million people "of all ages and all religions" during his many travels, since the former President of India Avul Pakir Jainlabdeen Abdul Kamal (2002-2007) Muslim who would have given the first ten months of his salary in "Embracing the World", to simple fishing families in his native environment.
          During his visit to the fairgrounds in Pontoise, Val-d'Oise in France October 23, 2009, she embraced more than 7,000 people.
         "The atmosphere is very peaceful, very quiet although there are many. People are waiting for hours, but they do not line up with a ticket system and display. They are waiting for Amma which is defined like a river of love flowing constantly," says Catherine Demilly, one of the organizers of the event, assisting with hugs.
          Thanks to gifts she receives, she created an NGO for humanitarian and ecological funds from other schools, hospital, housing the poor, distributing saris and pay lawyers to defend the rights of the poor.
         "It is not enough to talk about consciousness, philosophy, they must be put into practice," she said.
 Amma's life is his only message. Neither preacher nor pontificating, it is the embodiment of his teaching, that is to say unconditional love and selfless service. She never married and had no children because she considers herself as the Mother of all.
          She is recognized by the Indian government as the official spokesman of Hinduism and received in 2002 the price of non-violence UN.
         She was the subject of the film by Jan Kounen, "Darshan the embrace," presented at the International Film Festival in Cannes in 2005.

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