lundi 23 mai 2011

South Ossetia: The apparition of the Blessed Virgin and the Georgians Flee

         Madonna would have appeared in the skies over South Ossetia on top of a church. Once the Georgians have seen, they turned and fled before the Russian army.
Whoever says that is not any. He is the academician Pavekl Florensky which is co-chair of the Working Group, an expert in the miraculous signs in the Theological Commission of the Russian Church. He was interviewed by the newspaper "Arguments and Facts".
Following this appearance, and the rout of the Georgian army that followed, we tried to find an explanation for this phenomenon attributed to the Virgin Mary, exploring all possibilities of refraction on the windows, and other scholarly analysis.
Georgians have accused Russian troops of using a hologram.
Since December 18, 2001, South Ossetia headed by Eduard Kokoity (45) seceded from Georgia in the fall of the USSR.
Its independence is recognized only by three countries: Russia, Nicaragua and Venezuela.
Georgia, meanwhile, considers South Ossetia, whose capital Tskhinvali as a region is an integral part of its territory, but came under Russian control. She is in the same situation as Abkhazia, Sergei Bagapsh chaired by (60).
The attack by Georgian forces against the pro-Russian breakaway republic of South Ossetia, August 8, 2008, was followed from the aftermath of a major military response in Georgia by the Russians along with their protégés Ossetian. Georgian forces have suffered a stinging defeat.
Russian academician, Pavekl Florensky said that the appearance of the image of a Madonna in the sky over South Ossetia has driven the Georgian army!

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