mardi 14 juin 2011

Algeria: The Mausoleum of Abu Madya ibn al-Husayn Shu'ayb, name of President Houari Boumedienne.

Born in 1126 in the region of Seville, Spain. After a religious training in Fez, he went East to continue his training with the famous mystic, theologian and jurist of Iraq, Al-Ghazali Abu Hamid ibn Muhammad al-Tusi (1058-1111) and of the Holy of Qadiriya, jurist, theologian and Iranian Sufi Abd al-Qadir al-Jilani, Muhyi al-Din Abu Muhammad ibn Abi Salih Jengi Dost (1077-1166).
Back from the East, he became a famous Sufi of Andalusia before settling in North Africa. He acquired a great reputation for its teaching of Islam.
His way of Candle in Marrakech at the call of the sovereign Yakob Abu Yusuf (1163-1184), he died in 1197 in the village of al-Ubbad, near Tlemcen.
His reputation as a Saint spread rapidly after his death. He is ready for miracles. His mausoleum known as Sidi Bou Mediene, built by the ruler Merinid, Abu Ali Hasan (1291-1351) attracted crowds of pilgrims.
We still consider the inspiration of the brotherhood of Madaniya also known as the Shadhiliya named after its founder the Abu Hasan Ali (1196-1258).
During the War of National Liberation Front (FLN) for the independence of Algeria in 1956, Colonel Mohammed Brahim Boukharrouba better known under the name of Houari Boumedienne (1932-1978) takes the name of the mausoleum of the patron saint of Tlemcen to place himself under his protection.

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