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Brazil, Spain & Switzerland: What to do after its hundred years?

A centennial Brazilian back to school.

On 25 May 2011, the Brazilian Isolina Campos, born in Londrina in southern Brazil celebrates its centenary.
She decided to return to school to learn to read and write. She enrolled in night courses at school Moacry Camargo Martins de Londrina.
The literacy classes at school Moacyr Camargo Martins, Londrina, a city in the state of Parana, is the last business day of Isolina who lives in a three-room house next to the house of his son .
Isolina told the press that she had started studying in 1998, but had abandoned the course for health reasons. "I do not remain inactive and (...) I want to set an example for those who want to study in a country with more than 14 million illiterates (7.4%)," she said.
In his youth, it produced with his brothers of "Brown Sugar" craft extract sugar cane.
"She wants all the time what it means to a particular letter (...) She is always smiling and never misses when it is really sick," told the school principal, Regina Pierotti everyday "Estado de Sao Paolo.

Like what it is never too much to learn!

Candidate in municipal elections in Spain to 101 years.

Born November 19, 1909 at Cuntis in Galicia in northwestern Spain, Josefina Villaverde decided to enter politics. She ran under the banner of the Socialist Party in the elections of 22 May 2011 Cuntis (Pontevedra), a town of 5,000 inhabitants 50 km from Saint-Jacques de Compostela.
The city is famous for its Cuntis hot springs which are attributed therapeutic virtues.
Its advertising slogan is "To win Cuntis" it distributes through the streets of the city, alongside his younger running mates.
She remembered having voted for the first time in his life at the age of 24 years in the general election November 19, 1933. In 1931, the Parliament of the Second Spanish Republic was voted the green light to vote for women. Unfortunately, the accession of Franco in 1939 changed everything and women will return to the polls after his death in 1976.
As a gift for her 24th birthday, her husband was waiting at the entrance to the school a ballot by hand: "He gave it to me, I went in and I put it in the urn. It was the first time women voted in Spain. And here I was ...", she entrusted to the daily El Mundo.
The doyenne of Spanish politicians, widow since 1973, three times great-grandmother and great-time grandmother, said "socialist from birth" and says she loves to talk politics. "Do not vote for his friends, but for principles," she told El Mundo.

A Swiss woman of 102 years, Ticino cantonal parliament candidate.

A 102 years old, she is a candidate in the Grand Council (cantonal parliament) Ticino in the Italian under the label of "Force Civic.
Angela Terabuso-Noseda was born January 3, 1909 in Lugano seeking a position to advise the Grand Council of Ticino in Switzerland. In 2011, she is a candidate for public Forces in Lugano (58,658 inhabitants).
She has spent her entire life in Lugano.
"That's what you need, experience of life. I feel good, I still have a bit of memory and health, "she told Television Suisse Romande.
When asked what she can bring to political life in Lugano, she replied simply: "My long experience of life"
It is his doctor encouraged him: "His health is very good, I'm just controlling your cholesterol and put a little plan."
She simply abandoned the computer, she does everything by hand. His son is not far to give him a hand.
"I'm doing everything I can, after that the Lord will decide," she added with a laugh.
Modeled on the Geneva Citizen Movement (GCM), "Force Civic wants to be the antithesis of the traditional political parties:" No more politicking, we want to put the citizen at the center of political life. In spirit, the Civic Force joined the Geneva Citizens Movement (GCM), but without having the right-wing orientation, "said its chairman Giovanni Cossi the newspaper Le Temps.
The youngest candidate in the Grand Council Ticino Duerig Jessica was born August 17, 1979, that is to say 70 years after the birth of Angela Terabuso-Noseda.
On March 24, 2008, the oldest Swiss Rosa Rein, going strong, celebrated its 111 years at home Paradiso, near Lugano.
In 2010, Switzerland had 1,300 centenarians including 1,100 women according to the report of the Federal Statistical Office (FSO).
According to the researchers, the average life expectancy could be 100 years old in 2060 while the improvement of living conditions is ongoing in Switzerland.


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