mercredi 29 juin 2011

Brazil: A true monster of the small screen.

Wallace Souza, 51 (2009), famous presenter of the program "Book Channel" on television in Manaus, capital of the state of Amazonas is accused of ordering the killings to his show on crime.
August 12, 2009, he protested his innocence before the Legislative Assembly of Amazonas which he is also deputy: "I am a Christian and I have enormous faith, but if Christ was crucified again, the culprit would be the deputy Wallace Souza, " he told his comrades to the Assembly.
Former policeman, he is accused of forming a gang, association for drug trafficking and illegal carrying of weapons. It would have sponsored at least five murders of drug dealers to boost the ratings of his show.
         As in a real thriller, its programs and exclusive images of arrests, crime scene searches and transporting the viewer to the crime scenes even before the arrival of the police teams.
His show "Canal Paper (Canal Free)" was started in 1989. In 2008 he was re-elected for the third consecutive time with the highest score in the country. In his show, he kept repeating in its broadcasts than the State of Amazonas was becoming more dangerous.
         In December 2008, he was thanked by the television channel and its emission is stopped when his bodyguard was charged with nine murders, including at least one was committed to make a topic for "Canal Livre".
"Surveys show that Souza sponsored crimes to feed their broadcast areas," said Police Chief Thomaz Vasconcelos, in charge of the investigation.
He was arrested for illegal possession of weapons and charged with murder, trafficking and organized gang.
In all, fifteen people around him, including his son Rafael, were arrested for participating in some way to his media-criminal activity

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