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Denmark and Thailland: The Stories of Royal Dogs.

The Danish Parliament voted for the death penalty for Evita, the Dachshund royal.

         In 2009, the dog (a dachshund of 12 years) of the Prince Consort Henrik, husband of Queen Margrethe II of Denmark biting a guard in the leg Redensborg Castle, summer residence of the royal family in the north Copenhagen. He was taken to hospital for treatment Hilleroed.
         In May 2008, another soldier of the Royal Guard, Nikolaj Fogh was also bitten by the evil Evita. Which earned him three weeks of sick leave.
Reason, asked MPs to euthanize the poor Evita. MP Bjarne Laustsen, a spokesman for issues of welfare of animals in the Social Democratic Party (opposition), supported by Karina Lorentzen Dehnhardt PPD (far right) explains: "Even the dog Prince Henrik should behave . There is no difference between a dog and another royal animal. "
         Marlene Harpsoee, Socialist People's Party (opposition) went further: "It is necessary to kill it (...) because it is what should happen when you do not control their pet"
Prince Henrik has tried to plead his case with the Queen and members of parliament to avoid euthanasia.
He even wrote a little poem in honor of Evita which reads "In my Dachshund. I love stroking your hair, you my dear dog special. Do you like papouilles. Proud as a pope, you receive reprimands as a result."
To make amends, he offered a case of wine to the victims.
Evita's life does not seem threatened. A lawyer acknowledges that the Danish police if there is a law which requires that a dog bites become dangerous, "the royal palace to other rules exist."

A historical precedent Danish and French: Zenobia & Sumo

The Danes still remember the sadness of the queen, who in 1994 lost his dachshund. Zenobia the dog had run away into the forest, despite a battered giant, the dachshund was eaten by a fox. As in the Grimm tales.
Former french president Jacques Chirac was bitten by his blood to Maltese "Sumo" who had not supported leaving the Elysee. After being subjected to antidepressants, he was placed on a farm in Seine-et-Marne in October 2009.

Pleased that as SM Bhunibol Adulyadej and his dog Thong Daeng!

In 2007, King Bhumibol Adulyadej - Rama IX (78 years), in power since the age of 19 has written best-seller on his dog Thong Daeng (Copper) "The Story of Tong Daeng, Amarin, Bangkok, 2004"
"People flocked from all over the country, some were even in line for 5:00 in the morning before the store to buy the book," says a bookseller in Bangkok.
Within hours, the 100,000 copies of the book, which was reprinted on the order of the editor, were sold.
"Strangely, when the animal was presented to Her Majesty, the dog stopped crying and huddled on his knees, as if to give her life and she fell asleep, free from all his troubles, the loneliness and fear, "it said in the book.
The royal dog is described as an intelligent animal, loyal and always polite.
Unlike dogs, two French: former President Jacques Chirac and Prince Henrik (Henri de Laborde de Monpezat), the former king of Thailand's dog seems to have procured that happiness to his master.
He created a pool for dogs with arthritis and neurological problems. The pool will be divided into two "baths": one for the exercise of healthy dogs, the other to treat sick dogs. Funding for the pool was provided by the sale of tee shirts bearing the image of the dog of the king.

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