mardi 7 juin 2011

European special politicians

An Austrian member of National Assembly, deaf and dumb.

The beautiful blonde Helen Jarma, elected Ecologist Green Party in the Austrian National Assembly 7 June 2009 is deaf and mute.
Born August 8, 1971 deaf and dumb parents, she loses the hearing at the age of two years after a car accident. Professor of mathematics and drawing, she studies specialist for the deaf in Austria and the University of Washington, DC in American Sign Language.
The elected dumb is assisted by a permanent sign language interpreter and all discussions at meetings of the Austrian Parliament must now be translated into sign language.
To swear she managed with difficulty to pronounce the two words "ich gelobe" to the applause of all elected Austrian colleagues Greens waving both hands in applause translating sign language.
Helene Jarma is the third member with a disability in Europe after the Hungarian MEP Adam Kosa and the Belgian parliamentary Helga Stevens, both deaf.

A Swiss minister blind

In the canton of Ticino, Switzerland Italian Manuele Bertoli was State Councillor (Minister cantonal) April 10, 2010. He is blind as a result of a degenerative disease. His candidacy has sparked controversy, some of his compatriots who have questioned his ability to govern because of his disability.
Law degree in 1988, Manuele Bertoli is director of Unitas, an association of blind and visually impaired, and he chaired the Socialist Party cantonal.Né September 29, 1961 at Balerna, he gradually lost his sight as a result of a degenerative disease.
         He serves on the Grand Council since 1998 after a career in politics at the municipal level.
"As a youngster, when I did the exam to become a schoolmaster, the doctor told me that cantonal I could not see well enough. And now I am the politician Schools (...) I am perhaps a symbol. But being a symbol, it's sometimes hard to bear. I hope I'm not going to crash. " he says to the journal romand « Le Temps », before bursting into laughter.
Thanks to technology, the minister is working without assistance. It uses Jaws ("Jaws"), software that "reads" aloud everything readout screen.

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