dimanche 5 juin 2011

Guinea: President Alpha Conde promises to avoid the syndrome Leila Trabelsi-Simone Gbagbo.

The Tunisian president, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, was held hostage by his wife, Leila Tabelsi, nicknamed "The Regent of Carthage" and especially his wife's family "The mafia clan Trabelsi".
While Ms. Simone Ehivet Gbagbo, known as the "Iron Lady" and "The Lady of blood" was considered as the muse of her husband, Laurent Gbagbo Kudu. The latter was away from him in his house arrest in Korhogo in northern Côte d'Ivoire.
So after their arrest April 11, 2011 (at the request of her husband), Simone Ehivet Gbagbo, was placed under house arrest in Odienne in the north-western Côte d'Ivoire.

To eradicate permanently this syndrome, the new president of Guinea, Alpha Conde decided to remove his family from power and break away from its influence.
"I know that risk and I know that family is the Achilles heel of many heads of state. So I decided, all Guineans have noticed that my wife (Fanta Kaba said Jenne married May 9, 2010) lives in a residence other than mine. "... As things are clear. At home I only get to visit and you will not see businessmen. (...) The day my wife bring me a record of favor, I will divorce on the spot. She knows that and I said loud enough for all to see. "
It should be noted that President Alpha Conde had been divorced twice abandoned the matrimonial home. Once the former air hostess, sister of singer Aicha Kone Ivory Coast, Mina Kone (1973) with whom he had his only son, Mohamed Conde, then Nènè Kanny Diallo in 1998 just days after marriage, accused of being an intelligence officer of the Democratic Party of Guinea (PDG) of Ahmed Sekou Toure and the mistress of Captain Siaka Toure, a executioner's grim at Camp Boiro!
President Alpha Conde, has long fought the regime of General Lansana Conté, who  was held hostage by a family that does not visibly controlled. After his death, his eldest son, Ousmane Conté and his brother-in-love Saturnin Bangoura (accomplices of the Chief of Police, Sekou Mohamed Bangoura), were arrested for drug trafficking.
Alpha Conde was quick to add with respect to his eldest son who works in his office:
"My son (Mohamed Conde) is not a businessman or an entrepreneur in anything. He was educated in the United States, he worked in Brazil and then in London and came back to help me here after the death of my brother. I speak bad English, so I asked him to be my translator to follow me to the records of cooperation with South Africa. (..) "
Former Representative for Africa of the «Society of Sugar and Food Commodities Trading» and leader of the firm «Africonsult», based in Paris and Abidjan, he added towards businessmen and drug traffickers who have ruined the reputation of Guinea:
"The time for goodwill ambassadors exhibiting the mandates of the Guinean presidency to fill the pockets or Colombian traffickers diplomatic passports is definitely over. I get myself and all investors are aware that I am immortal."

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