mercredi 1 juin 2011

The happiest country in the world

Over 85% of Costa Ricans say they are happy to live in this Latin American country, according to a study by the non-governmental association "The Economics Foundation News."
The selected criteria of happiness take into account the degree of satisfaction of residents, but also life expectancy and policies for the environment in each country.
"In Costa Rica, life expectancy is 78.5 years, 85% of people say they are happy and satisfied with their lives and the country is not far from finding the balance between consumption and its natural resources, "says Nic Mars, one of the authors of the study.
Costa Rica has an area of ​​51,100 km2 and is inhabited by 4,563,538 people (2010) with a density of 89 inhabitants per km2. It is chaired since May 8, 2010 by Laura Chinchilla (52 years).
The second position in the ranking covers 143 countries back to the Dominican Republic, another Caribbean paradise for tourists, followed by Australia.
Latin America is the region better off since it monopolizes nine of the top ten. The United States occupy only the 114th rank in the list and Zimbabwe is in last place.
In 2006, the archipelago of Vanuatu in the Pacific that won the crown of happiness.

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