samedi 18 juin 2011

Japan: Kanamari Matsuri or Festival of the phallus!

Every first Sunday of April is held in the sanctuary of Kanayama Kawasaki (1.4 million) to twenty kilometers from Tokyo, Kanamari Matsuri (Festival of the penis of iron), the annual festival organized Shinto fertility 300 years.
The central theme is the penis, reproduced across image, candy, carved vegetables, decoration ...
Once the sanctuary of Kanayama was frequented by prostitutes who came to pray for protection against venereal diseases.
People come here mainly to ask for blessings for the prosperity of business, the future of the family clan, marriage, childbirth easier, and harmony between spouses.
According to tradition, touching the penis into the sacred sanctuary of the fertility helps women to stay in condition and brings vitality to both children and older people.
The procession paraded in mikoshi (mobile wooden temples walked by many carriers) three penis preserved in the temple: the penis of wood in the large mikoshi, the oldest. penis black iron in the mikoshi boat-shaped, giant pink penis in mikoshi "Elisabeth" homeless, worn by men disguised as women.
The first two walked in the temple town in mobile as sacred relics. The relics out of the temple for a procession through the city, then return to their starting point later in the day.
Legend has it that a demon with sharp teeth had hidden in the vagina of a girl, and had successively castrated two young men during their wedding night. A blacksmith fashioned an iron phallus to break the teeth of the devil, and the subject became a holy relic. The center of the sanctuary is a blacksmith with anvil and forge fire.
Today, the festival is an opportunity to raise funds for the fight against AIDS. Many travelers come from Europe and America to participate.

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