jeudi 9 juin 2011

New Zealand: The pizza "Hitler" does not pass

In August 2007, the restaurant chain « Hell Pizza (Pizza Hell) » which features the characters has raised the fury of the Jews in New Zealand.
It was a campaign showing Adolf Hitler making the Nazi hello with a slice of pizza in hand. Broadcast in four New Zealand cities, the poster was the German Führer pronouncing the sentence: "It is possible to make people believe that heaven is hell."
         "We thought people would have seen the funny side of a guy who made the Nazi hello with a slice of pizza in hand," said Kirk MacGibbon, head of the advertising agency Cinderella, author of the campaign.
"If you laugh at something, you play down, but there are some things that we are not yet able to make a mockery," he said, citing several complaints from people of Jewish faith.
Hell Pizza has removed the posters, but the sign, accustomed to the provocations, yet should make unhappy. In Christchurch (the capital of Canterbury), Hitler was replaced by Pope Benedict XVI, and the slogan: "Hell is real and eternal."
In 2006, Hell Pizza had already hit the headlines by distributing condoms in mailboxes to promote their pizza "Lust (lust)," referring to the seven deadly sins.

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