lundi 13 juin 2011

Papua New Guinea: The cannibals prefer the Japanese.

 In 2008, Olga Ammann, German anthropologist conducted a study on the last cannibal tribe Papuan Pacific Islands.
These Papuan cannibals interviewed stated that the flesh of the whites had a smell too strong and too salty. While the Japanese had a much better taste than others. But they come in second place, behind the flesh of their wives.
Cannibalism was banned in Papua for 50 years because he was the source of the disease kuru (a transmissible spongiform encephalopathy) that members of the tribe continue to develop.
However, some tribes still eating the flesh of the dead.
This information has been released by the newspaper Gentside while the National Geographic broadcast on the internet under the title "The last cannibals sit at the table," a document in which a Papuan admits to journalist Piers Gibbon, having eaten and dismembered two women.

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