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Tunisia: Women slap that triggered the Arab revolution!

Bouazizi Tarek Mohamed, alias "Besbouss" the loser!

On 17 December 2010, it is nice to Sidi Bouzid, a town of 40,000 inhabitants in west-central Tunisia. Bouazizi Tarek Mohammed, nicknamed Besbouss tenderly by his mother, a young unemployed salesman clementines on the run 26 years have her stand facing the governorate of Sidi Bouzid. In front of the taxi which combines the urban rich, consuming clementines.
He is a "loser" who has unsuccessfully sought steady employment in this agricultural town. Three years ago, when his father dies, Taieb Bouazizi, farm laborer, he has a brother, Salem, and a sister, Leila.         
         The family lost its land mortgaged by the father. Her mother married her step-brother with whom she has four children.
At six years, Mohammed took part in field work. At 14, while following his high school, he tried to masonry. At 19, he left high school at the terminal for its role as elder maintain a family of seven children. He enrolled as an association of unemployed youth, and tries to get a "job" respectable. All doors to companies in Sidi Bouzid close behind him, one after the other with the same refrain: "Here there is no place for you! Emerges ...! "
The wounded heart and his mother's insistence, Manoubia Bouazizi who should pay the rent and support his smala, he agreed to apply to the administration, an itinerant merchant license citrus. Also enough to pay the tuition of her sisters, especially his little brother has just been fired from his school for lack of money. It was his role as an elder of the family. Each day that passes, he sees his future ambitions soar!

That morning in Sidi Bouzid ...

While Fedia Hamdi, a "gendarmette" strapped in his blue uniform and wearing his nice hat makes his rounds in the company of a colleague, she notices what quidam (she knows yet!) With the stall of his mandarins on the taxi rank in front of the governorate. This disorder is at the heart of his city. Fathom it under his cap and ordered him to release.
He protested and this form of resistance offends the municipal agent of the order. It gives a kick in the stall and knocks all his goods by land. Bouazizi protests in the poor showing off his patent. To prove his authority, a beautiful stretch his gendarmette slap and confiscates his goods!
         When he decides to go and complain to the governorate, it is considered a troublemaker and nobody takes her injured pride seriously. A woman constable is sacred here! Do not he know that the emancipation of Tunisia since the time of Bourguiba means respecting the role and work of the woman!

The fatal act!

Enough is enough! Deeply humiliated and bruised, the images of his failed life in head forward quickly. His fate turned her back like a boomerang violent! Needed only to feel that slap the ultimate humiliation!
Mechanically, he pulls out a matchbox from his pocket half hole and set fire to his old training Polyester ignites quickly. Bouazizi becomes a human torch in front of the astonished gaze of onlookers and residents. They are rushing to expand the fire, but it's too late when they do. The young peddler dying in terrible suffering. He was brought back to hospital emergency center in Sidi Bouzid, but it's too late, it is burned all over his body in the third degree.
That night in Sidi Bouzid all, everybody only talks about this nice young man known to many people thanks to its delicious citrus fruit that quenches the thirst of tourists and bystanders during the hottest hours of the day.
         The national event takes on the appearance when President Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali (accompanied by his wife Leila) comes to visit and console his family, his hand on my heart! A surreal image: "The wolf and the lamb! "

It was 6 h 30 am on 7 November 1987 in Tunis?

"In the name of God, the Merciful. We, Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali, Prime Minister of the Republic of Tunisia, declare the following: (...) Faced with his senility (Habib Bourguiba) and the worsening state of his health and building upon the related report, the national duty compels us to declare it in the absolute inability to assume the Presidency of the Republic. As a result, and pursuant to Article 57 of the constitution, we take care with the help of the Almighty, the Presidency of the Republic and the supreme command of our armed forces."
With a voice devoid of emotion but serious, Ben Ali had killed symbolically the "Supreme Commander" and "father of modern Tunisia» Monastir who die in solitude April 6, 2000.
Shortly after the coup medical Ben Ali made political promises that were never kept: "The times we live can no longer tolerate either presidency for life nor automatic succession as head of state. (...) Our people deserve an advanced and institutionalized political life, truly based on a multiparty system and the plurality of mass organizations. "

Our friend Ben Ali and the Tunisian mirage.

In 2002, when journalists Nicolas Beau and Jean-Pierre Turquoi Brûlot publish the "Our Friend Ben Ali. Behind the Tunisian miracle ", France and political self-righteous outcry! Why these two snoops do they want to end the lovely holiday "Low cost" beauty and good "cheap" at the door and within reach of the average European!
Do not they see these brand new buildings that are popping up everywhere, these supermarkets, these international banks, these jewelers, these same insurance companies in Switzerland, etc. ... that open their doors each morning!
Just ask officials at UBS and Credit Suisse in Tunis! They did not hear anything! It seems that the microphone of the President of the Swiss Confederation, Samuel Schmid was disconnected at its conference at the World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS).
"It is not acceptable - and I say it bluntly - that the UN still has among its members states which imprison citizens solely because they have criticized their authorities on the internet or in print." he said
To drive the point home, he added: "I therefore expect that freedom of expression and freedom of information are central issues during the summit. For me, it goes without saying that here in Tunis, in these walls but also outside, everyone can speak freely."
That was enough for the TV images and audio are scrambled and not cut! Microphones and cameras in Tunis and Carthage, it was everywhere even in public gardens, coupled with automatic watering. It was certainly in error that the disconnection of the Swiss Federal Council to place the garden of the presidential palace in Carthage.
The Bernese politician he confounded President Ben Ali with a certain Ben Brik, this "paper pushers" who mixed with the rights of expression and human rights? It seems that this "Daredevil" even dared to engage in a hunger strike in Tunisia satiated!
Too bad if President Ben Ali gutting the "bad beards" with the help of French secret agents in a deafening silence. After all, this is normal in Africa. Go see Mubarak in Egypt or with Gaddafi in Libya. It is worse in black Africa! In Tunis, we are talking business! They are just jealous of those who speak "Human Rights".
Mr. Schmid would ever forget the carnage in Luxor on 17 November 1997 when 36 Swiss tourists were killed?
He had just let the good Ben Ali "dent" some "human rights" otherwise Islamists threaten to disrupt tourism "low-cost and mostly deals as in Egypt.
The slogan was simply "Move along, there's nothing to see" and then Ben Ali was so generous with politicians and foreign journalists that owed nothing wrong with this man with sprightly ways. He only had friends!
Some French politicians like Hubert Vedrine slipped occasionally wicked jokes: "One, he is a cop, and two, a cop who is con" he said when he was in the cabinet of François Mitterrand.
President Nicolas Sarkozy had even said that Tunisia was "Concerned about civil liberties."
         On 21 February 2011, its foreign minister, Michelle Alliot-Marie is forced to step down "with the feeling of having committed any breach" for having been caught in the act of "cronyism" with the clan during the Ben Ali "Arab Spring".

The straw that brought forth the "Jasmine"!

"You can fool some of the people all the time. And all the people some time, but you can not fool all the people all the time, "said U.S. President Abraham Lincoln
If the desperate act of Bouazizi became a heroic act is that tolerable limits had been reached in a long time!
It was the ultimate sacrifice this face gagging and injustices endured by the people of Tunisia during the 24-year reign of General Zine el-Abidine Ben Ali.
Since his remarriage to his ex-mistress, hairdresser Leila Trabelsi, nicknamed "The Regent of Carthage" March 26, 1992, he had fallen into a "kleptocracy" or rather just a "mob rule" disgraceful.
Born October 14, 1956 into a poor family and large (11 children), La Marsa (Tunis), where his father was a salesman of dry fruits like Bouazizi, Leila wanted revenge of fate.
"I'm going to marry a prince, a king or a president [...], change your life, you buy houses. You will have good and drivers," she repeats to his.
After three years of marriage with Maaouia Khelil, head of the agency met earlier when she was eighteen years old, she began an affair with the industrial Farid Mokhtar, who died in a mysterious road accident a few years later before becoming the lover and the wife of President Ben Ali.
"You'll kill the chameleon, dip your finger in his blood and draw a circle around the ankle of the rais," her close one of its many marabouts it does come from Morocco, Senegal and Mali.
In conducting its rituals, it finds that the will of her husband is shrinking day by day.
A former minister who knows the former president and long maintained a special relationship with him, book, under the condition of anonymity, his perception of the end of the plan.
"For at least five years, Ben Ali no longer governed. His wife, Leila, aided Abdelawaheb Abdullah (Minister Counsellor for Political Affairs) and Abdelaziz Ben Dhia (Minister of State, Special Adviser to the President, Spokesman of the Presidency of the Republic), has ensured to cut all the channels and contacts that he maintained until now. Before, Ben Ali received, consult, discuss with people who were not in the seraglio. He worked hard, spent hours on the internet to see what was being said about Tunisia. Afterward, no one had access to him. He then told anything, all was well and was under control. Thus, when the riots began, these same people told him it was nothing and that the revolt was put down in a jiffy, at least suppressed as in Gafsa, in 2008. With age and wear of time, it was left locked in the ivory tower. Leila has also done everything, including using science to give the boy as he wanted, in February 2005. Since he was born, he spent more time playing with him than run this country. His umpteenth error when handling the crisis - after his unresponsiveness, his speech next to the plate or too late - was to think he could leave for better return. It was only a shadow of himself ... "

Power, Scandals and Dirty Money...

         In less than 19 years in power, she was the head of a fortune estimated at 5 billion U.S. dollars. Nothing was too good or too expensive for the family Trabelsi. What she could not legally have the Smala the flying public. The city still says the package of two step-brothers of the president, the real gangsters who stole a luxury yacht in the port of Cannes in France and engage with impunity in drug smuggling!

The better educated among the 33 members of this "mafia Smala" practice "operations of expropriation, extortion and bribery, kickbacks" under the eyes downcast and fearful of Tunisians.
According to recent revelations of Wikileaks, the best-known brother of Leila, Belhassen Trabelsi, grabbed a few years ago, "the airline Kathago Airlines, several hotels, a private radio station, factories assembly of automobiles, Ford's distribution network and a real estate company. "
Due to the failing health of her husband, she dreamed of succeeding him as head of Tunisia until the majority of his son Mohamed Zine el-Abidine, born February 20, 2005. What might have made Tunisia a hereditary monarchy.
Tunisian youth said no ambitions of the president of the Organization of Arab women.
"The opinion, often influenced by the press, was locked in a Manichean elementary that the Tunisian political system of yesterday is responsible for all ills and guilty of all crimes. (...) The trial that the Tunisia heard against him is a sham whose only meaning is to illustrate a symbolic break with the past,,", his French lawyer Jean-Yves Le Borgne.
Before his flight, Ben Ali had told him that Sidi Hmid Bannour appeared in a dream: "You have moved my grave to build your palace, told him the holy man. Me, I'll move you beyond the seas, and you will die in a foreign country."

If Fedia had just kissed Bouazizi that day!

We still attending fashion shows with Gaddafi Mo'ammar Bedouin blankets and tunics embellished with multicolored sunglasses. We would always be entitled to preposterous statements of the Supreme Leader of Libyan Revolution and its many "kadhafiades!
Who will finance the pension insurance of African dictators overthrown? And who will finance the United States of Africa? Who will protect Europe from the invading barbarian hordes Africa?
If there had not been so damn "jasmine revolution", Hosni Mubarak would still smug smile punctuating his "health states" by way of diplomacy.
What Egyptian face with recklessness, both physically and morally the terrible attacks of the Muslim Brotherhood? Who will protect us from their ruthless "Fatwa"?
The first lady in the history of Egypt, Suzanne Saleh Sabet Suzie inaugurate nurseries, schools, social centers, open conferences, seminars, books fairs, film festivals, etc. ...
         What has earned many Egyptian decorations, diplomas, medals, international prices ... for his immense charity, his generosity and his infinite love for the Egyptian people? And when his great heart fails, there is greater world to move away!
Ah, the world is ungrateful!
In Sanaa, diplomatic communiqués would rocket around the world on the office of Vice-President of Yemen, Abd-Rabbou Mansour Hadi, learning that President Ali Abdullah Saleh was badly burned and severely injured by shrapnel in his palace.
The world would have wished a speedy recovery by sending messages to King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz Al Saud of Saudi Arabia!
Instead, the cameras are turned toward the thousands of events that fill the streets of Sana'a, Taiz to, etc. of Hodeida. howling in unison loudly: "Ali out! Ali releases! "
Do they know that for 33 years, Ali Abdullah Saleh was the bulwark against the evils of al-Qaeda against the Arabian Peninsula?
So what if some of the alleged terrorists were her nephews! It was sufficient that Americans believe!

And what a wacky dared put on her bedside table at the hospital in Riyadh this bouquet of white flowers which is strangely reminiscent of the "Jasmine." ?

Besides, what has pushed Zeid El-Heni, this blogger and journalist Tunis choose the jasmine, "this white flower emblematic of Tunisia, which symbolizes purity, the sweetness of life and tolerance" as an emblem a revolt that finally go upsetting the "dolce vita" in the Arab world?
         Now it begins to bloom even now in Damascus? Who knows how far it can extend flowering and what other colors it can take?

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