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Venezuela: A lawyer pursues H. Chavez for "mental incapacity"

But he's crazy this lawyer?

In 2005, Mr. Gerardo Guzman, a lawyer acting as individual, complained to the Supreme Court of Justice in Caracas, the highest court of Venezuela, to bring together a panel of doctors expected to see "mental retardation" of the Head of the state.
The Supreme Court of Caracas announced that it had definitively rejected this request and accompanied its decision to a fine of $ 4,000 against the applicant for using the term "disrespectful, offensive, slanderous and defamatory."

And if Hugo Chavez was really crazy?

According to Wikileaks, Jean-David Levitte, diplomatic adviser of French President Nicolas Sarkozy pointed to September 16, 2009 U.S. Secretary of State, Philip Gordon, that Hugo Chavez had become "crazy":
"Unfortunately, Chavez is one of the richest countries in Latin America and he made it another Zimbabwe," published by the British newspaper The Guardian.
"France shitty little country with Sarkozy," could be read in French on signs held up by a group of pro-Chavez demonstrators outside the embassy of France in Caracas March 23, 2011.
"They want to invade Libya, take oil without listening to the peace proposals of our President Hugo Chavez," shouted one woman, echoing the remarks of the Venezuelan head of state.
"They (the French) feel proud, they still believe the masters of the world," said the latter.

It is 2 hours 30 min. a.m. in the time zone of Chavez!

Among the revelations made by Wikileaks, it is banal but the story reveals the behavior of the Venezuelan president.
On board flight 903 from Miami to Caracas American Airlines, the captain says, "it is now 2:00 am, local time Chavez", that is to say it is 2 hours in the morning, local time Chavez.
The American commander refers to the fact that President Chavez had decided to shift the time zone of the classic Universal thirty minutes.
On board flight 903 Miami Caracas was a pro-Chavez member of Parliement who heard this: "it is now 2: 00 am, loco Chavez time," that is to say, "It is now 2 am, hours Chavez's the fool! ".
Reported to President Chavez, he summons the U.S. ambassador to Venezuela and threatened to arrest the crew of the American Airlines plane.
After several phone calls and an apology from the local representative of the U.S. airlines, the team is allowed to leave Venezuela, about 30 to 11, or twelve o'clock, depending on whether you are on the time zone of Chavez or not.
Ignacio Lula Da Silva, Brazil's former pesident said about  President Chavez said: "He is the most legitimate of us. But a global media campaign working to pass for mad, semi-dictator, dictator, which made this revolutionary dignity and oil to his country and transforming Venezuela in accumulating such social laws that improve the lives of the people. "

Must be crazy to come to power or is it the power that drives you crazy?

In his book with that title, Pascal Sutter, a psychology professor and researcher at the University of Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium said that "insanity, with a politician is like tuberculosis for minor of the age of Zola, an occupational disease, a risk difficult to avoid."
But it would be just a touch of madness that would protect the original "Homo Politicus of grinding machine mental balance" that is power and it would not sink into a condition.
Born in 1942 in the United States with the study of the profile of Adolf Hitler, political psychology can analyze remote personality of the leaders in a diplomatic and strategic goal.
Today, the CIA establishes profiles of major world leaders: "By knowing his friends and enemies, they can handle and avoid blunders."
To establish a psychological profile, we use three approaches:
-The verbal analysis of spontaneous speech (interviews)
-The analysis of non-verbal facial expressions and gestures,
-Questions relatives and enemies.

The problem is that psychological analysis can not predict voter choice. Because voters often vote for candidates wildest, seducers, liars and hubcaps.
Because defects in their elected officials reassure them about themselves and they prefer to vote such as these rather than the rational or academics. So whoever is elected is not necessarily a good leader.

"Power is a drug that anyone who enjoys crazy" once said François Mitterrand.

For more information:

SUTTER P., Ces fous qui nous gouvernent: Comment la psychologie permet de comprendre les hommes politiques (These fools who govern us: How psychology helps to understand politicians), Les Arènes, Paris, 2007.

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