mercredi 15 juin 2011

When Switzerland decided to adopt the Soviet national anthem!

"As you know, federal finances are a disaster! Faced with this situation, we decided to acquire a new national anthem without paying copyright "
Swiss radio broadcasts while the music of "The Internationale" Soviet national anthem of a country that had collapsed in 1991 amid the words "In our mountains," words of the Swiss national anthem or hymn Switzerland.
Stupor momentary of Swiss auditors, quickly dispelled as the author of April Fool's none other than Federal Councillor Jean-Pascal Delamuraz. It was April 1, 1992!

A president of Switzerland unforgettable!

On July 3, 1989, inaugurating a place in his honor in the town of Longirod (400 inhabitants), near Nyon:
"... And here is a simple place named Jean-Pascal Delamuraz, President of the Confederation. There are always two stages in life  of a man, where he discovered the plates and time, more cruel, where he makes the plates. I am glad that the people of Longirod allocated me a place, not a dead end. "
On April 21, 1989, referring to the modesty of Charlie Chaplin, he recalled that the period of silent film allowed the young actor to speak dramatically while remaining silent. A good example from which our politicians should be guided in Bern!

Prizewinner Champignac!

5 October 1992, he delivered his best blunder that had the price Champignac: "Our country is beautiful, and I look forward each morning to see again, from my office window, that these guards are Mönch, Eiger and Jungfrau, and the Sarine that irrigates many cantons! ".
         Mönch, or Monk, Eiger and Jungfrau or Ogre or Virgin are the peaks of the Bernese Alps which rise respectively to 4107 m, 3970 m and 4158 m while the Sarine River is a river that flows through the canton of Fribourg.
The Mayor's Prize for the best reward Champignac political blunder of the year in Switzerland.
Dizzy because of heart failure during the same year, he collapsed. It was practically the end of his political career and his life.
On March 3, 1998, he resigned for health reasons, after fourteen years at the Federal Council before passing away October 4, 1998.         
Was he not himself "a joke". Son of Trustees (Mayor) of Paudex in the canton of Vaud, he was born on 1st April 1936.
His bronze statue unveiled at Ouchy April 28, 2001, bears this smirk that marked his political career. Artist hello!

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