jeudi 7 juillet 2011

Barbados: The island where the coffins are dancing!

For 200 years, on the hill above the bay of Oistins in Barbados in the cemetery of Christ Churchill, the vault of a wealthy family of farmers, the Chase is empty.
It was built by a family named Elliot, who died in 1724. The first person to be seated with certainty was a lady Thomasina Goddard, July 31, 1807.
It is unclear why Ms. Goddard was buried in the cellar where the family even though Elliot was still at that time. It is not known, either, how the vault then passed to the family Chase. Phenomena of extreme violence occurred there without any explanation.
In 1808, the couple erected a Chase family vault after the death of their daughter Mary Ann Chase, died at the age of two years. Four years February 22, 1808, the vault receives their second daughter, Dorcas Chase July 6, 1812. A month later, August 9, 1812, that their father Thomas Chase.
Samuel Brewster Ames Chase died in turn. On November 25, 1816, was made to open the vault, this time in the presence of family members. All the coffins, except that of the first occupying Ms. Goddard were loose, ready in all directions!
Two months later, the vault was opened for another Brewster who was killed during a brawl. This time, all the coffins were stacked, knocked over like skittles! Finally July 17, 1819, Mrs. Thomasina Clarke was taken to the cemetery. Again, all the coffins were upset. Again, all the coffins were upset.
Dr. Watson, a historian of Barbados says: "When we opened the vault to put the coffin of the father's people were amazed to see the coffins of the girls returned as if they had been thrown against the walls."
No signs of forced entry and the only entrance is blocked by a stone that weighs nearly 500 kg After the funeral of the father, Thomas Chase, the tomb is sealed. Yet in the years that followed, every funeral, the same show.
Finally July 17, 1819, Mrs. Thomasina Clarke was taken to the cemetery. The phenomenon is so large that the Governor of the time, Lord Combermere moves in person April 18, 1820. He decides that put the sand in the vault, to get imprints then the door was sealed.
The following year he returned with the religious authorities, guards, soldiers, representatives of justice and at least half the population of the island. By opening the vault, the coffins were again in disarray, but on the sand, no trace.
On April 18, 1820, the Governor demanded that we remove the coffins. Since then, the Chase family vault was abandoned without ever revealing his secret.
Barbados is an island nation of 430 km2, inhabited by 281,968 people (2008), on the border of the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. For over three centuries, Barbados was under British rule and the Sovereign of the United Kingdom, is still the head of state. It is independent of the United Kingdom since November 30, 1966.
In 1536, observing the long aerial roots of Ficus which made him think of beards, the explorer Pedro A. Campos called the island "bearded Os (The Bearded)."

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