jeudi 28 juillet 2011

Cameroon: Breast ironing!

Did you know?

In Cameroon, mothers fro the breasts of their minor daughters to delay adolescent sexuality. They crush and the budding breasts of pubescent girls, a practice known as breast ironing.
Gisele Nga has been ironing her breasts. From his tenth year, his mother massaged her breasts with a hot stone.
"Every night my mother put the stone to boil. This was so hot that she even held her with a thick cloth to avoid getting burned, "she says.
There are other methods including the application of a piece of banana while warm to melt the core of emerging within a teenager.

Can we thus delay the onset of sexuality?

They are numerous in case of Gisele Nga Cameroon. In 2010, an investigation revealed that on average 24% of Cameroonian girls (between 9 and 14) undergo breast ironing. This unusual practice lasts for years, but the subject is taboo as anything related to sexuality in Africa.
Breast ironing would aim to curb the surge breast so that the teen appears younger than his age because parents think that breasts are the cause of sexual deviance.
"Once a girl has breasts, she attracts the envy of men and if she becomes pregnant, she can no longer continue his studies," says the mother of Gisele Nga to justify his actions.
Indeed in Cameroon, we accept no pregnant girls in high schools. They must permanently discontinue their studies.
It is true that does not allow pregnant girls in high schools and Cameroonian pregnant girls then have to interrupt their studies.

Of mental health problems.

According to Dr. Nzhié, a doctor at the central hospital in Yaounde, breast ironing can have psychological consequences for victims, who can develop complex, personality disorders and frustration vis-à-vis gender.
On the physical level, there is sometimes burns with permanent scars.
"Massaging the breasts of young girls may also cause the development of abscesses, cysts, breast infections and even some forms of cancer," said the doctor.
In some cases, there is also the complete disappearance of the breast or in cases of asymmetry that is to say that a breast is bigger than the other.
A cruel practice due to a false belief and ignorance!

Breast ironing still does not delay first intercourse.
"We have in our organization a lot of girls who have taken early pregnancy despite the absence of breasts," says Sarah Ako, communications officer of an association of unmarried mothers.
In fact, breast ironing is the consequence of lack of training in the reproductive health of young girls.
Increasingly, parents are advised to educate their children for birth control instead of iron their breasts with all the psychological and physical consequences that result.
On May 30, 2011, the national associations of Aunties (Renata), which includes more than 5,000 women who are often single mothers has launched a national awareness campaign against breast ironing in Cameroon.
Breast ironing is also practiced in Togo, Ivory Coast and Benin.

So what are the political authorities of these countries to ban permanently the practice as barbaric?

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