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Charlotte Grimaldi, adopted princess of Monaco.

Charlotte Grimaldi, born Charlotte Louise Juliette Louvet in Constantine (Algeria) September 30, 1898 is the adopted daughter of Louis II of Monaco and Marie Juliette Louvet, and mother of Prince Rainier III.
Formally adopted May 16, 1919 by Louis II of Monaco becomes the sole heir under the name of His Serene Highness the Princess Charlotte of Monaco, Duchess of Valentino.
On July 17, 1918, by the secret treaty between France and Monaco, "In case of vacancy of the crown, including the absence of direct heirs or adopted, will form in Monaco under the protectorate of France, an autonomous state under the name of State of Monaco. "          The treaty cut short any ambition Mindaugas William (1864-1928) of the royal house of Württemberg.
Charlotte came in as the second largest estate (behind his father) this May 16, 1919: Order organic Oct. 30, 1918 (published November 7, 1918) amending the articles of the royal house of Monaco (published May 15, 1882) to the adoption of the heir to the throne.
She is recognized "hereditary princess of Monaco" by order dated 1st princely August 1922 the Sovereign Prince of Monaco Louis II his father, who had just succeeded Albert I, who died June 26, 1922.
She married Count Pierre de Polignac in Monaco March 18, 1920 civil and religious March 19, 1920. The latter is about Monaco naturalized under the name and arms of Grimaldi prince by order dated March 17, 1920 and is created "Prince of Monaco" and "Borgia" by order of the princely March 18, 1920.
From this marriage arranged by her father, came to the world Antoinette (born 1920) and the future Prince Rainier III (1923-2005).
The marriage was not happy there were judicial separation March 20, 1930, and divorce by order princely February 18, 1933. This marriage was never annulled religiously by the Vatican.
According to the provisions probably arrested before, Princess Charlotte of Monaco, Duchess of Valentino, renounced his rights to the throne of Monaco and his hereditary title of Princess May 30, 1944, the day before the day his son, the future Rainier III became major (most fixed then 21 years).
On May 9, 1949, after the death of his grandfather, Prince Rainier became Prince of Monaco.
Wimsical and little inclined to Monaco and the policy, she spent most of his life between Paris and the Chateau de Marchais in Aisne, surrounded by her many dogs.
She became a "prison visitor" and clung to the convicts as to cause a few scandals in his time, including by engaging in his service.
She lived even with a famous mobster, René Giri, said Rene Rene the Cane and the lame, "Public Enemy No. 1" in the 1940s, released from prison in 1956 because of it, after 17 escape attempts in 8 years incarceration.
France is the reward of his efforts to reintegrate former inmates to work. Rainier III said in a report that the Princess was more a "friend" a real mother.
Charlotte went to the marriage of her son Prince Rainier III, Sovereign Grace Kelly April 18, 1956 along with his driver (without license), steward and friend Rene the Cane and never returned in the Principality.
She died in  Paris on 15th November, 1977 .

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