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DR Congo: Moise Tshombe and the last flight of the cuckoo of Môme Moineau.

La Môme Moineau: From the streets of Paris in the clouds of Mont Blanc!

Lucienne Dhotel Suzanne, said the Môme Moineau (Kid Sparrow), daughter of the peddler Gaston Dhotel and Vreurick Henriette was born in Reims el January 15, 1908.
In his early youth, she sells flowers in the nightclubs of Montmartre and Montparnasse in Paris.
Noticed by the couturier Paul Poiret in 1925, when she was singing popular songs to the tunes of Fouquet's, she quickly became a singer who was not afraid to show her buttocks.
On Broadway, she met Felix Benitez Rexach Puerto Rican millionaire who marries her in 1929 and puts an end to her singing career.
Become a billionaire, she bought a luxurious yacht including and especially the first private plane, a DC3.
The theft of his fabulous jewels at the hotel the "Old Fountain" at Maisons-Laffitte made headlines and was immortalized by the detective novel by Roger Borniche "L’affaire de la Même Moineau (The case of Môme Moineau)" (Grasset, Paris, 1986).
This is another street child, Edith Giovanna Gassion, said Edith Piaf (1915-1963) she was placed on the front of the stage who inherited the nickname "La Môme" which in slang means "sparrow" with which she became famous.
         It is the manager of the cabaret Gerny's on the Champs-Elysees who attributes her the artist name!
La Môme Moineau died January 18, 1968, five years after  Edith Piaf.

The Luxury cuckoo of Môme Moineau and the Katanga secession.

Stamped "Cultural Attaché in the Dominican Embassy, ​​Paris, France" and proudly displays the flag of the Dominican Republic, the private company DC3 "Moineau Flyer II" is the first private european plane arranged in living room. Its windows have been enlarged to allow for a panoramic view over the Mediterranean and Mount Blanc. For the plane performs mostly pleasure flights between Geneva and Cointrin Cannes.
We are in 1959 and few European airports can accommodate private aircraft of this size.
In August 1962, the aircraft was bought in cash by Moise Tshombe, the secessionist president of Katanga, registered as "KAT40" and led by European mercenaries.
It is with this aircraft so a luxury unparalleled at the time that the self-proclaimed president of Katanga crosses Africa.
In late 1962, towards the end of the war in Katanga, it serves to evacuate Katanga soldiers  to Angola in Katanga.
In January 1963, twelve airplanes which had survived Aviation Katanga (AVIKAT) take refuge in Angola including the DC KAT40.
January 27, 1963, DC3 KAT40 is entered in his bunker with 300 million francs Katanga, for exchange controls by the Portuguese secret police, "PIDE" at the airport in Luanda.
It disappears in South Africa.

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  1. Interesting Last two sentences. When it arrived in AB4 HC/Saurimo there was no Money. PIDE had nothing to do with it there. It went back to Katanga to fetch individual weapons and ammunition, flown by Jimmy Hedges. Was picked up by the Portuguese Air Force team who came to AB4 to fly the planes to Luanda.I was in charge of the Antiaircraft unit station at the AB4(Military Air Base #4)at the time and was a second Lieutenent. My name is Mário Arteiro