vendredi 22 juillet 2011

Greece: The Trojan War did not take place.

Among the mythological Greek war, the most famous is that of "Troy". At its origin, the removal of a nude bather name of Helen, the daughter of Agamemnon, king of Mycenae.
All the little Greeks learn in school. In 1988, what was the surprise of the Greeks to relive the myth of the beautiful wife of Agamemnon. Prime Minister Andreas Papandreou (1919-1996), who was 69 years old would resign because of a beautiful Greek! Would there be a modern war of Troy?
God thank you, Dimitra Liani the beautiful was single, was not naked, but in the uniform of an air hostess in the Greek airline, Olympic Airlines.
         Troy was replaced by the old official residence of Prime Minister, the Trojan Hector was a plane and was replaced by ... the first lady of the Hellenic Republic, the American Margaret Chant Papandreou (1951-1989)!
Today his son, Prime Minister Georgios A. Papandreou was born in 1952 is struggling like the devil to save Greece from bankruptcy!

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