vendredi 1 juillet 2011

Japan: Scandal at the imperial court.

In November 2007, after many months of investigation, the investigative journalist Ben Hills Australian released in Australia and the United States, the book "Princess Masako, a prisoner of the Chrysanthemum Throne."
Born in Tokyo December 9, 1963, Masako Owada, a former diplomat married Naruhito, heir to the throne of Japan June 9, 1993. Daughter of a diplomat, diplomat herself, is bristling university degrees and speak several foreign languages.
The reporter reveals in particular that Masako had suffered a hormone treatment to give birth after artificial insemination to a daughter, Toshi Aiko on December 1, 2001, after nine years of marriage. Information denied by the Palace.
Since 2000, the medical team of the Imperial Palace was led by Dr. Osamu Tsutsumi, renowned specialist in vitro fertilization.
Long depression, Princess Masako, has begun to gradually resume formal commitments, but continues to undergo medical treatment.
The Japanese Ambassador to Australia, Hideaki Ueda, sent a protest letter to the biographer and publisher Random House and called for "corrections and apologies."
The journalist who received death threats, told the French Agency Presse (AFP): "I totally reject the attempt (Japanese government) to intimidate me. I totally reject the accusations of inaccuracies and lies in my book. It's totally absurd. "
"The only person who deserves an apology is Princess Masako," said Mr Hills who in turn accuses the Imperial Household Agency, which oversees the protocol of the Palace to be "responsible" for the health of the Princess .

Will she become the next Lady Di of Japan?

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