samedi 23 juillet 2011

Norway: A tribute to Colonel Sir Nils Olav II.

Sir Nils Olav II of Norway is a penguin living in the 90 cm of Edinburgh Zoo in Scotland. He is the mascot became colonel of the Royal Norwegian Guard. August 15, 2008, he was knighted during a visit of the Royal Guard in Scotland. This promotion was approved by the Norwegian King Harald V.
         At the ceremony of knighthood, the authorities have cited the praise of King Harald V said he was "skilled in all areas to receive the honor and dignity of knighthood". The ceremony was attended by several hundred people and the 130 soldiers of the Royal Guard.
Here is his story: When the Norwegian Royal Guard went to the festival Edinburgh Military "Military tattooed" in 1961 for a performance, the lieutenant Nils Egelien interested in the zoo's penguin colony in Edinburgh.
         In the second Edinburgh Military Tattoo in 1972, he succeeded in adopting a penguin in the Guard. It's nicknamed Nils Olav in honor of Lieutenant and King of Norway, Olav V.
Nils Olav was promoted to vice corporal and received a new promotion each time the Royal Guard was going to the Edinburgh Military Tattoo. He was promoted to corporal in 1982 and Sergeant in 1987 but died shortly after.
         The relief was given to Nils Olav II, another strong-armed like the zoo, which was promoted to sergeant major of the regiment in 1993 and promoted to the rank of colonel August 17, 2005.
         A statue of four feet was erected in his honor at the Edinburgh Zoo and one at the military base at Huseby in Oslo with the words "At Edinburgh Zoo and the people of Edinburgh to celebrate the links between custody Royal and the Edinburgh Military Tattoo."

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