mercredi 13 juillet 2011

Papua New Guinea: AIDS patients buried alive !

In 2007, people with AIDS (HIV) were buried alive in Papua New Guinea by relatives who could not seek treatment because they fear being infected, said Margaret Maraba, head of the humanitarian organization " Igat Hpoe (I have hope) "which spent five months in the regions of the Highlands as part of a prevention campaign on HIV-AIDS.
"One of them calling for help while the clods of earth burial. One of the patients was one of my cousins. I asked why they did that. They said: If we let us live in the house, we will get the disease and we will perhaps die in our turn, "said Maraba. Other villagers told him that the practice was widespread.
Margaret Maraba called Papuan government and prevention agencies to ensure that their information programs on AIDS do not remain confined to cities but also reach rural areas.
In some communities, residents have accused women of witchcraft before torturing and killing them because of death, inexplicable to them, young people infected with HIV, according to witnesses.
Papua New Guinea (462,840 km2), with a population of 5,940,775 million (2009), independent of Australia since September 16, 1975 is a Parliamentary Monarchy.
She is a member of the Commonwealth and the Queen of England Elizabeth II is the head of state. It is represented by Governor General Michael Ogio. The country, led by a Prime Minister faces an uncontrolled spread of HIV-AIDS.
A recent UN report, the number of infected people rose by about 30% annually since 1997 to about 60,000 patients in 2005. More than 3,400 people were living with AIDS and 1,300 people died in 2009. This is the highest rate of HIV and AIDS in Oceania. Since 2000, there are five physicians per 100,000 people.

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