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A presidential candidate of the French Republic speaks about Françafrique!

When I took over the investigation of the Elf affair, I was in front of me the powerful oil French, I did not like arrogance, the way they had to use in crates, but when they invoked the best interests of the country, I was ready to believe them.
         I left several years on secondment to the Ministry of Finance, surrounded by high officials of integrity, competence absolute.

I had confidence in the institutions of my country of adoption. I had no idea that the purpose of the leaders of national oil companies was anything other than the common good. I track the drift and not the system itself. Yet over the course of my investigation, I discovered an underground world.
         Magistrate, limited by the scope of my referral and national responsibility, I had to stop on the threshold of some doors, which led to foreign countries.

I discovered that the roads would have been exciting to go, connections that troubled me. With numbers, accounts, we had our eyes the deciphering of a large network of institutionalized corruption, whose son were connected directly to the Elysee.

It was not my role to draw the political conclusions, but I kept the footprint. We then designed a comprehensive scheme, I always with me. It is eight feet when unfolded. It winds from the office of a Director of Elf Petroleum, up accounts obscure powered by Gabon, Omar Bongo of the hands: four decades of power and a recurrent difficulty in distinguishing his piggy bank and its family of First, the state budget and the government on the other.

I take this pattern often with me over the appointment. I spread out on tables, much like a captain to fight out their old cards.
         The positions may have changed, camouflage techniques were sophisticated, but the system is this: The tyrants are friends, that France has placed in power and it protects the wealth and influence by vast networks of corruption in exchange they watch over the interests and resources of French companies came to dig. All these people have interest in anything, ever, neither the institutions nor stimulates the economy of the country.

Gabon, a poor oil emirate!

And if I stop for a moment in Gabon, what do I see? A rich country that exports more than thirteen billion dollars of crude oil a year and a GDP per capita well above the African average ($ 6,397)? Or a poor country where life expectancy is estimated at 55 years for women and 53 men, leaving them a year younger than the Malagasy born in a land without oil?

The infant mortality rate is particularly high in Gabon, the vaccination rate against measles is 40% against an average of 79% in developing countries. This is where is Gabon, the preserve of France, provider of the treasures of oil and uranium, Total-Elf stronghold of the first French market capitalization.

If the residents of Libreville have not benefited from the wealth of their country, because France has captured its mineral resources, with the help of a president, his military service as enlisted by the French army and its secret services, at the head of the country to 32 years in Paris. He was the youngest head of state of the world.

France controls its army, its elections and protect his fortune. In return, Omar Bongo is open table several times a year, avenue Foch or the Hotel Crillon, where he receives politicians, advertisers and French journalists that count. Everyone rushes to these hearings.

In the 1990s, a French politician in the foreground, while in office, enjoyed a parallel contract "consultant" signed by Omar Bongo and largely unpaid. Roland Dumas, the Gabonese president says he's "close friend". In anticipation, he also appreciates Nicolas Sarkozy, who came to "take advice" as a candidate in the presidential election.

When in the course of the investigation, we searched the headquarters of FIBA, the Franco-Gabonese bank, we consulted the listing of customers, who seemed taken with pen sergeant major. It was like a Who's Who of France in Africa, that spoke volumes on the back of the Republic and the media.

To those who still believe in the disinterested assistance of France in Africa, just check the figures from UNDP (United Nations Development Programme). The correlation between the amount of regular French aid and the wealth of raw materials.

Clearly, he who has nothing in his basement should not expect much from Paris ... It is not surprising to find the Gabon as one of the top recipients of French public aid for development.

The result is distressing in terms of health care and education. The money was lost en route. It is just made ​​for that. It is not a drift but a coherent and reasoned. In each hearing during our investigation, we hear of physical, espionage and secret agents permanent.
         Searches in Elf Tower of Defense engaged in a harvest of documents revealing the gender confusion, send it to us at the Nanterre prosecutor who was careful to open investigations.

Biafra, the Congo and Angola: war, business and the hand of France!

For yesterday Elf, Total today is a state within a state, designed by Pierre Guillaumat a former defense minister, intelligence chief and head of the French nuclear program in order to serve the geopolitical interests of Paris. Norway has used its oil to build and secure the payment of future pensions.

France uses the Elf-Total to project power. The company operates in the Gulf of Guinea, Nigeria, Congo Brazzaville, Angola ... All these countries have experienced civil war and dictatorship behind which the French hand was felt.

Chaos, when it occurs, does not disturb the system. It is only seen in Angola, at war for decades, but no drop of oil, never has missed its destination. During the war, business continued ...

French banks, BNP-Paribas in mind, even the opportunity to develop financing packages for countries at war, at rates maddening, knowing they were not taking any chances. Money, too, was not lost for everyone. It is a mirror in which we should not look too often the French elites.

Since I opened the file Elf in my office in the gallery financial, physically and intellectually I have traveled far from the Seine and its quays gray and blue ... I learned while walking. On arrival, the picture is scary. Africa has remade me a Norwegian, proud of it.

My country is rich, but he remembers being poor, a people of immigrants looking to the new American world. His spirit of conquest, his paces Vikings are traces of a distant past, then came the Danish and Swedish guardianship, which they had to release him.
         He sent to Africa Protestant missionaries, austere characters engraved on the face, carved by the word Christian and humanitarian work, rather than the new settlers, as they crossed again in the neighborhoods of white expatriates.

While France was based Elf, Norway was setting up the resource of the North Sea and has accumulated a reserve fund, immediately placed for future generations and carefully controlled. This small country set-aside land has become the leading donor nation in dollars per capita.

Of course, the Norwegian oil are not choirboys. Recent surveys have shown that some of them are paid commissions and the temptation to abuse their power is permanent. But Norway was not to be ashamed of what she has done of its oil. What I saw, international relations, which attest, is a work of hope.

The French Republic, at the same time, set up in Africa a system far from its values ​​and the image she likes to refer to the world. How strong institutions and democratic, enlightened and brilliant minds, could they build networks systematically violating the law, justice and democracy?
         Why journalists deemed, from all sides, they tolerated what they saw? Why political parties and NGOs, also quick to catch fire, do they not want to see?

Independence in Africa: a travesty!

Independence in Africa: a masquerade I do not condemn. I shared this blindness. I like them, before slipping the eye in the keyhole and to the extent of this family secret: France remains an empire and is not recovering its lost power. Political independence was largely a charade in West Africa.

The West turned a blind eye, because France has prevailed to be the "policeman" who defended half the continent against communism. The French have left to do, as clever, De Gaulle and his successors have submitted their action as a bulwark against the hydra American.

Elf was one of the cornerstones of this part of geopolitics. The double play was facilitated by the certainty, rooted in the mentality that "there is different."

-There, that's normal corruption, nepotism, war, violence.
-There is normal the presence of the French army, the pro-consuls at the embassy or at the headquarters, military camps.
-There is the normal processing of presidential guards.
-There is normal uptake of natural resources.
Moreover, "everyone does the same." Young or old, left or right, no one thinks of French offended to see our soldiers carry out almost every year, a military operation in Africa, Chad, Ivory Cost, Rwanda, when all make fun of that America came to the police in Iraq, a makeup rouge democratic geopolitical interests and petroleum Washington.

Yet there are many symmetries. I recently saw a documentary about the Biafran war, four or five half-hours of raw testimony of key players, without comment. I was speechless. For those born after 1970, Biafra said nothing.
In this part of Nigeria's oil-rich, ethnic, Christian and animist armed by France, demanded independence. What followed was a deadly war of three years, funded from the Elysee Palace revolt through Swiss companies.
         French TV show so loved the starving children that the French military plane brought back for treatment, she never allowed to see the cargo from the go, full of weapons ...

Like now, the former employees of Jacques Foccart, fed in their Louis XV chairs, unemotional detail these arrangements illegal. The officers, lieutenants then-general today, tell this good turn with a smile. End of the documentary.
         Not a word, not a line in the history books. Dramas like this, Africa contains dozens carefully ignored. The massacres of the Bamileke in Cameroon by France of General de Gaulle, the Tutsi genocide committed by a regime backed by François Mitterrand, the assassinations of opponents, manipulation of election ...

The heavy burden of France on the continent!

The liability of France in Africa is comparable to U.S. imperialism in Latin America or the Middle East. It is fashionable among French intellectuals to complain about the movement of repentance that has spread in recent years. The benefits of colonization, to include in textbooks, even the subject of a bill, widely supported by members.

Of course, the history of France in Africa and Southeast Asia accounted as genuine adventurers, exporters, teachers or pioneers, who is one with the countries they have discovered. In Madagascar the vazas, the Blackfoot Malagasy continue to rent to me the roads and infrastructure at the time of French independence. But people are like family. You can not sort memory.

It is carefully hidden secrets which the wave will reach far beyond one or two generations. Children inherit everything from misfortune as happiness, wealth as debt. The French Republic is now paying the bill for his past. Just down the list of official names of North Africans born in a French department until 1962 or hex on the ground since the 1970s. By law, they were and are the French like the others.

Yet successive governments have continued to invent paraphrases: "indigenous Muslim", "African subject not naturalized," "Jfom" (Young French from the Maghreb), "youth of immigrant origin," "son of Harkis "," city youth "," Arabo-Muslim "," French of Arab origin," "French Muslim"...

The France of 1789 is inconsistent with the Françafrique. France is still living in Africa as if she was at home, and as if the children of African descent were not French. The development of Françafrique, our tolerance vis-à-vis the networks, all back to the secret colonial empire in this spirit that haunts like a ghost.

Yes, Total, the first French company, is rich and prosperous. But the way the firm has built part of the inheritance. Who dares to one day go to Nigeria, Cameroon, Gabon, Congo Brazzaville that France owes them?

Deny that the contracts concluded by Areva for uranium from Niger or those of the gold mines of Sadiola in Mali, two countries among the poorest in the world, which affect only a derisory share of wealth taken from their soil?

The Republic has a debt he'll have to honor. Our prosperity is fueled wealth that we turn away. In some of these undocumented migrants who risk their lives to reach Europe, it could be paid a pension instead of an eviction notice.

I dream for this country I love, a collective awakening. A France worthy of its ideals and its legacy of 1789 is inconsistent with the Françafrique: what one generation has, another can undo. It's possible.

We Are the Congo!

Cease to be afraid!

For a rule of law in Congo!

"Every generation has a choice between betraying or accomplish its mission"
"Those who fight can win! Whoever does not fight has already lost everything! "

By Eva Joly (From "The strength we lack the Arena Editions, Paris, 2007.")
Bio express: Eva Joly, her maiden name Farseth Gro Eva was born in 1943 in Motzfelds Gate, a poor district of Oslo, Norway. Former French magistrate, she was elected MEP in Ile-de-France in 2009. She is a candidate for election as President of the French Republic in 2012 the party "Europe-Ecology-The Greens".

(Article published in "Le Républicain" March 8, 2011).

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