mardi 19 juillet 2011

Sierra Leone: The snakes attack the police.

In June 2009 the police station in the town of Gerihun, in the region of Bo in Sierra Leone was invaded by 400 snakes, cobras and vipers.
Unable to dislodge them, the police and firefighters called to the snake charmers and the army.
"We first flooded the building, then fired into the crowd at the Kalashnikov when the reptiles were attempting an exit," said the head of the police station Gerihun.
The locals do not dare complain to the Commissioner: "Even in daylight, snakes appear by the dozens," told the spokesman of the police, Brima Kota.
Wild animals attack humans regularly in rural areas of Sierra Leone, abandoned during the years of civil war.
A few years ago, a farmer was shredded by wild cows in the same region, while in the east of elephants have caused panic, killing nine people and forced 600 others to leave their homes suddenly.

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