vendredi 19 août 2011

Afghanistan: The legalized discrimination against women.

Afghanistan has a text legalizing discrimination against women in the Hazara Shiite minority.
The law published in the Official Journal 27 July 2008 states in part that a husband has the right to withdraw any support to his wife, including food, if she refuses to satisfy his sexual demands.
It also stipulates that children are always placed legally in the custody of fathers and grandfathers.
         The woman can not leave home without legitimate reasons and can not inherit from their husbands.
         Under this law, women must ask permission from their husbands the right to work. This law allows a rapist to escape any liability if they pay "blood money" to the woman raped.
This law had yet been denounced by the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, Navanethem (Navi) Pillay.
         "This law is aimed at women so reprehensible and reminiscent of the decrees of the Taliban regime."
         The application of this law "would severely undermine women's rights in Afghanistan and violate the Constitution of Afghanistan as the international standards of human rights," she had said.
In April 2009, several countries including the United States, Canada and France were nevertheless outraged by this act.
After agreements with the heads of major ethnic groups, President Hamid Karzai in power since December 2004 was re-elected August 20, 2009.
The "democratic" elections in Afghanistan were organized by the United Nations (UN).

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