vendredi 12 août 2011

Hungary: A impoverished village sells the names of its streets.

In August 2008, the village of IVAD, 100 km from Budapest in Hungary decided to sell eight of its streets to the highest bidder. To pay off its debts, the municipality had the brilliant idea to privatize its eight streets and put on its website:, the following poster in English and Magyar: "Do you want immortality?  Buy a street. "
Any Hungarian citizen or foreigner, may acquire. In return, the street named after him, but only after his death for three centuries, according to Hungarian law.
To go down in history for IVAD, you must pay 100,000 forints (400 euros) per meter, or 100,000 euros for the street the shortest and 242,000 euros for the street the main street, 600 meters long.
Other condition, be someone famous or worthy.
"If Jennifer Aniston and Barbara Streisand, I like a lot, are candidates, they are welcome. But it can also be a stranger, for example the parents of a dead soldier in Iraq who want to give his name to a street "said the mayor of IVAD, Gábor Ivády, 36, elected mayor of IVAD in 2002.
With an annual grant of 47 million forints (189,000 euros) and its annual expenses of 74 million forints for 2007 is 297,000 euros, the deficit of the municipality was in financial trouble.
         With the closure of mines, fifteen years ago, the village had 30% of all unemployed and pensioners and very little local taxes.
"Once we have paid the salaries of four pre-school, those three employees of the town hall and social allowances, we can not even buy a pencil," says the mayor.
"If I sell a single street, the village will pay for itself the director of the kindergarten for five years and we will keep our independence" dream out loud IVAD Gábor who calculated that the sale of eight streets to bring in total 1.383.000 forints.
         The village will install the all-sewerage and put the rest to co-finance European projects.

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