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Kenya and Brazil: Fatia Wairimu, Milka Wanja, Angelica Mazu Nsangué, Fernanda Maria de Jesus and Raira Passion, ...Miss prison!

Kenya: Election of Miss Langata prison in 2005.

In May 2005, as part of the prison reform program initiated in Kenya by the government, Ms. Wanini Kireri, officer of the Langata Women's Prison, Kenya has taken the initiative to organize the beauty contest for inmates.
"The prison has a negative impact on women. With this contest, we wanted women to have more confidence, their self-esteem is raised, they have more morale," said Wanini Kireri.
"The women marched in two different outfits, they had sewn themselves. One was a traditional dress which was based on what might have been the national costume of the country and the other was holding a classic. Inmates were masked by the Vera Beauty College, one of our partners. The material for making clothing were provided by some of our partners, "said Wanini Kireri.
Fatia Wairimu was crowned Miss Langata 2005. The following year, Milka Wanja (24) who won the competition. The elected receives beauty products and training.

Brazilia: Raira Passion, Miss Prison 2011

For the third consecutive year the election of Miss jail was held in 2011. After Sao Paulo and the support of the May 21, 2005 which was crowned the Angolan, Mazu Nsangué Angelica (23), convicted of drug trafficking, the new election was held in Brazilia.
The winner of 2004, Fernanda Maria de Jesus, was thus obtained an early release a few months after his victory, even if the authorities ensure that the title was in no way influenced their decision.
In 2011, among the hundreds of candidates, only twelve were chosen by a modeling agency. The prisoners were able to wear makeup, her hair and choosing their outfits in a local prison, especially designed for the occasion.
Before the astonished eyes of other inmates: thieves, killers, drug dealers and kidnapped, Ms. Raira Passion was crowned Miss prison, August 9, 2011.
But once elected, despite the honors, she has found her bench and bar.
It was a special day for the prisoners, who had the opportunity to relax and regain some of their femininity lost during their incarceration.
The beauty contest in prison are increasingly popular in South America, Russia and Lithuania.
"It's good for their self-esteem," said Irani Torres, director of the prison in Rio Claro.
         "It helps them feel human. It shows that they are capable people, regardless of their crime, they are part of society."

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