mardi 9 août 2011

Poland: 150 police officers to evacuate the nuns of the convent.

In 2005, in revolt against their superiors and the Vatican, 65 members of the Congregation of the Sisters of the Family of Bethany refused to replace their top Jadwiga Ligocka and lived barricaded inside their historic buildings, cut off from the outside world Kazimierz Dolny, south-eastern Poland.
The authorities of the Congregation with headquarters in Lublin, the capital of Lubelskie accused the superior of the convent, to behave outside the norm and admitting candidates whose "character and personality do not predisposed not a religious life."
On 1 February 2006, the archbishop of Lublin, Archbishop Jozef Zycinski issued a decree banning to give  the holy sacraments to members of the convent and their superior.
October 28, 2006, the Vatican has excluded 14 of their religious community and 50 novices for breach of their sermon obedience.
According to Polish media, among the religious revolt was also a former monk, Roman Komaryczko (43), excluded from the Franciscan order by his provincial superior, Father Kazimierz Malinowski, whose role remained mysterious.
"I do not know what is happening with my daughter. For several months, I have no contact with her," said the mother of a nun 23 years.
October 10, 2007, the court of Pulawy, seized by the authorities of the congregation, ordered the evacuation of all persons barricaded in the convent in Kazimierz Dolny, south-east of the city of Pulawy.
Father Mieczyslaw Puzewicz, spokesman for the archbishop of Lublin, was present during the expulsion and said the activities taking place within the convent were similar to those of a cult.
The newspapers reported that Ligocka Komarzyczko and controlled the other inhabitants of the convent by subjecting them to psychological manipulation.
Ligocka would have explained that it was directly related to the Holy Spirit, who would have entrusted a special mission. As for Komarzyczko, he would have sex with young nuns, telling them he taught them to open their love for Jesus.
A bailiff has entered the convent after forcing the front door. He was accompanied by over 150 police officers, including units in combat gear, women's units, psychologists, police negotiators, representatives of the Church, doctors and firefighters.
The officers met inside the nuns singing to the sound of a guitar, according to the spokesman of the National Police, Mariusz Sokolowski.
Others welcomed them with insults. The first woman was evacuated by ambulance, with a baby of eight months. The police could not explain the presence of the baby immediately.
         The Congregation of the Sisters of the Family of Bethany, an affiliate of the Capuchin Order was founded in Poland in 1930, in order to help priests in their parish services.
The Archbishop of Warsaw, Kazimierz Nycz, said the sisters could be reinstated in the Catholic community if they repented and followed the rules.

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