mardi 2 août 2011

The Scots require an AOC for their Kilt.

More and more European products (especially drinks and food) are protected against counterfeiting by the recognition by the European Union. This is called "Designation of Origin (AOC)"
         According to a European, a bottle of champagne and more can submit the name "champagne" if the wine is actually produced in the French region of the same name (there is a conflict on this matter with the village of Champagne in the canton of Vaud in Switzerland).
Since 2008, the Scots want their Kilt enjoy the same protection. A manufacturer of Edinburgh Kilt frustrated Howie Nicholsby is enough to see in countries other than Scotland, copies of kilts sold as "Scottish true kilts."
"They are horrible to see, so ugly. They look like dish towels," he said
He wants only the hand-sewn kilts, made in Scotland with the wool from Scotland receive the designation "Scotch Kilt" on the label.
The kilt is a skirt stopping at the knee, with pleats at the back and cut the traditional tartan wool. It is worn with a wide leather belt brown or black with a loop, usually silver, often decorated with interlaced or Crest of the clan of the wearer.
The sporran, belt attached to the front of the kilt, compensates for the lack of pocket it. Made of leather or fur, it can take over the reasons for the belt buckle and the Sgian Dubh.
It is worn by the men of the Scottish Highlands since the sixteenth century but also in Brittany, Normandy, Ireland, Wales, Cornwall and the Isle of Man.
The Scots also have a simple answer to the question of what they wear under their kilt: "The future of Scotland (The future of Scotland)."

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