mercredi 28 septembre 2011

Australia: A judge sleeper, but fair.

In December 2003, Ian Dodd, 57, an Australian magistrate has been dubbed Sleepy Judge (Judge Nod) by the jury. He had fallen asleep during seven days during the hearings he chaired.
         His case was revealed in March 2004 by the Daily Telegraph. The newspaper reported that he had slept for at least nine cases in a court in Sydney. Witnesses told the lawyers dropped their cough or rule to wake up the magistrate quietly during the hearings.
         At the time, the judicial authorities had issued a statement which stated that the judge was suffering from "sleep apnea",
explaining he falls asleep during the day.
         A rape victim had requested that Ian Dodd has to be dismissed. She assured that he was snoring when she testified against her attacker in November 2003.
         Seven cases in which Ian Dodd fell asleep at a crucial time are being reviewed, said Bob Debus, Attorney General of the State of New South Wales.
         However, until his retirement "for medical reasons,"
no injustice had been raised in any case.

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