mercredi 7 septembre 2011

Canada: The price of essential French!

In July 2009, the couple Lynda and Michael Thibodeau made two flights on an aircraft of the private airline Air Canada between Canada and the United States. Mr. Thibodeau is not just any citizen. He is a federal public servant, he  is employed by the Canadian government.
Dry throat, on each flight, the family demand in "French" a "7 Up", a refreshing drink to the hostess who runs correctly but in "English".
The two return journeys take place in the best of the world. Mr. and Mrs. Thibodeau spend great holiday in the land of Uncle Sam

But why are they not happy with Air Canada?

Back in Ottawa, Mr. and Mrs. Thibodeau, decided to file a complaint against Air Canada, for not being served in French.
Former Canadian national company, Air Canada was privatized in 1988 but the company remains subject to the law on official languages ​​"English and French," which requires it to provide services in French on air links with at least 5% of Passengers are typically French.
Despite the rhetoric of counsel for the airline, the Canadian justice system gave its verdict in favor of Mrs. and Mr. Thibodeau. Air Canada will pay C $ 12,000 to the couple injured for not obeying the law.
The couple is not at all satisfied with the verdict rendered in his favor, however, simply because he demanded half a million dollars in punitive damages!
French forces imperative.

The verdict angered the English-speaking Canada.

"If you want to know what's wrong with Canadian law on official languages, just look Michel Thibodeau. This is a government employee who translated bilingual Air Canada to court because he and his wife have not received service in French - they did not have 7-up when they made the request in French on a flight, "said Peter Worthington, a prominent commentator in the Toronto Sun.
The website of the Globe and Mail, the most influential newspaper in Canada, he was attacked by surfers who was still furious.
"This story is symptomatic of the way in which French Canada has operated (by abuse of his rights). And the reaction is symptomatic of a new attitude," said one user on the site of the Globe.
"Everyone listen! Let's go all at Quebec and drag them to court when they refuse to serve us in English at the restaurant."

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