dimanche 18 septembre 2011

Chinese Female condoms are too small for South Africa.

Judge Sulet Potterill the Pretoria High Court issued a final decision prohibiting the South African government to buy 11 million female condoms "Made in China" to the company Siqamba Medical KwaZulu-Natal, writes the Afrikaans daily Beeld.
And for good reason, the competitor Sekunjalo Investments Corporation had filed a complaint against the Medical Siqamba arguing that his female condoms were 20% longer than those of the Chinese manufacturer.
In addition to not agree to the generous size of South Africa, these condoms are of poor quality and are not approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) or the "United States Food and Drug Administration Agency" nor by "SA Bureau of Standards."
As strong arguments before the judge Sulet Potterill ruled in favor of the Company Sekunjalo Investments Corporation, which has won the contract.

The doctor "Beetroot " is dead, long live the condom!

         Arguments while the size of South Africa has 5.38 million HIV-positive people with a total population of 50. 590,000 million. Including a figure explained by an ignorance of the disease in this country and a total denial over the ten-year presidency of Thabo Mbeki.
Until 2002, for example, the late Minister of Health, Manto Tshabalala-Msimang Edmie (1940-2009) denied that HIV was the cause of AIDS. She explained that a healthy diet made of vegetables, beets, garlic, lemon and olive oil to protect oneself from the disease. This earned him the nickname "Dr Beetroot".
August 18, 2006, at the close of the XVI International AIDS Conference in Toronto, Canada, the UN special envoy for AIDS in Africa, Canadian Stephen Henry Lewis, had treated the South African Government " obtuse, dilatory and negligent "in the distribution of antiretroviral (ARV).
On the occasion of the FIFA World Cup it hosted in the summer of 2010, South Africa had ordered a stock of one billion condoms over the risk of an increase in prostitution and trafficking sex.
Today, the emphasis is on prevention: "The rate of new infections continues to exceed our prevention efforts. This is why prevention programs have priority in the new national strategic plan is developed for 2012-2016, " said Vice President Kgalema Petrus Motlanthe.

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