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The fantastic story of Angelo Soliman.

Of  his African name, Make-Mmadi was born in 1721 in northern Nigeria today. Child, he was traded against a horse. He is trained by Angelina, his rich Sicilian mistress who nicknamed him André. He learned mathematics in particular, Italian, Latin, German, Czech, French and English.

In 1732, he was baptized in the name of Angelo and sold to the imperial governor, Prince of Sicily Johann Georg Christian von Lobkowitz (1686-1755) and  became his valet.
In 1755, after the death of General Lobkowitz, he finds himself in Vienna as tutor of Prince Franz Josef Wenzel of Liechtenstein (1696-1772). In 1764 he accompanied him to Frankfurt. The same year he won a lot of money playing the "Pharaoh" in Germany, he invests in Stryi mining cobalt in the southeast of Austria.

Released, he moved to downtown Vienna and / or the Roussau. On February 6, 1768, he married secretly Magdalena Christiani, born  von Kellermann, the widow of Harrach'schen, sister of the French general François Etienne Kellermann (1770-1835), General of Napoleon Bonaparte, Duke of Valmy and Secretary of Anton Christiano.
The marriage is recorded at St. Stephan Dompfarre under a special dispensation from the Cardinal of Vienna, Christoph Bartholomäus Migazzi Anton (1714-1803).

In 1783 he was initiated into Freemasonry in the Lodge, the "True harmony (Zur wahren Eintracht)" which brings together the Viennese elite aristocratic on the recommendation of the Most Great Master Ritter von Born.
         He became friends with virtuosos in music such as , W. A. Mozart (1756-1791) and Joseph Haydn (1732-1809), nicknamed "The Terribles Brothers."
         He became Grand Master of this lodge, under the name of “Massinissa”, the famous Amazigh king of Numidia (238 BC. JC.-203 BC. JC) he prints a scientific rigor.
         Destroyed in 1783 because of debts, he died in Vienna November 21, 1796.
His body is offered to the Emperor Francis II who does stuff and display in his museum with three other black body (a six year old girl and a gardener) and all sorts of exotic animals stuffed by the academic sculptor, Franz Thaler.
The steps of his daughter Josephine, wife of the military engineer Ernst von Feuchtersleben to remove and bury the museum worthy end in failure. She died in 1801.

His son Eduard, worked as deputy director of the Company of Bad Aussee salt in the state of Stryi, sometimes with derision of his countrymen because of his African origins.
         October 31, 1848, during the Austrian revolution, a grenade destroyed the Imperial Museum.
He inspired W. A. Mozart for the character of the "Moorish Monostatos" in "The Magic Flute." His plaster bust stands in Anton Rollett Museum in Baden, 32 km from Vienna.

Writes about him, Henri Jean-Baptiste said the Abbé Grégoire (1750-1831) who devoted a chapter in "In the literature of the negroes": "Even if Angelo Soliman has published anything, he deserves of the first places among the Negroes who have distinguished themselves by a high degree of culture, extended by acquaintances, and even more by morality and excellence of his character, he would have had all the delicacy of uniting under a sound judgment, identified by acquaintances and extended solids, he  possessed six languages, Italian, French, German, Latin, Bohemian, English, and spoke with purity above the first three. "

His  history is known through the articles of Monile Firla and especially the work of Wilhelm. A. Bauer, A. Soliman, Hochfürstlische Der Mohr, W. Sauer (Hg), 1922.

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