samedi 3 septembre 2011

Italy / Uruguay / Venezuela: When our leaders shot the fart!

Italy: The land of crap headed by Silvio Berlusconi.

According to the wiretapping of  Berlusconi made by the public agency Ansa, the Italian head of state known for his many blunders, described Italy as "Country of shit."
"I'm so transparent, so clean in my business there is nothing to bother me. I do nothing that could be considered a crime. It can be said of me that I fuck, it is the only thing they can say. In a few months I'm going to take care of my business, I am leaving this countries of shit, which makes me want to vomit, " he told to his interlocutor Lavitola Valter.
Valter Lavitora, newspaper publisher living abroad. He is pursued by the Italian courts and is subject to a warrant of arrest for complicity with the businessman, who was arrested Thursday 1st September 2011, for extortion against Berlusconi.
In 2009, Giampaolo Tarantini was involved in the case of the prostitute Patrizia D'Addario, who was told to have spent a night with Berlusconi.
Giampaolo had told so at the time claimed to have brought about thirty women light ready to give her favor at parties "Bunga Bunga" organized by the Italian Prime Minister in his residence in Rome and Sardinia between September 2008 and January 2009.
"I presented them as friends and I did not mentioned the fact that sometimes I was paying," he said.
Prosecuted for corruption, tax evasion and various sex scandals by the court, the billionaire nicknamed "Il Cavaliere" was born in Milan September 29, 1936. He was prime minister from 1994 to 1995 from 2001 to 2006 and still in power since May 8, 2008. Divorced three times, he is the father of five children.

Uruguay: fatal Coarseness of interior minister

May 29, 2009, the Interior Minister, Daisy Shot gave a speech peppered with insults like: "Ane, Son of bitch..." in front of television cameras during his lecture to the young Socialist Party, member of the Frente Amplio, the left coalition in power in Uruguay.
Before the public outcry generated by his remarks, the minister had to resign to President Tabare Vazquez, who accepted it.
"I was carried away by passion," said the Socialist minister to justify his language.
In January 2009, Ms. Daisy Shot had already caused a scandal by posing naked in the shower on the internet (Facebook) with this comment: "There is nothing more natural than a woman in the shower"
The former vice president of Uruguay, Luis Hierro Lopez, was then pointed out that "ministers should be more austere and modest in particular Interior Minister, chief of police."

Venezuela: You're going to close it or not?

On November 10, 2002 in Santiago de Chile, during the 17th Ibero-American Summit which brings together 32 countries Hispanic and Lusophone on "Social cohesion", the King of Spain Juan Carlos launched exceeded, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez "Por qué no te callas? ", meaning in this context: "You're going to close it, or not? "
He had to criticize governments, businesses and the Western media and the Church and the Pope. He accused the United States, the European Union and the former Prime Minister Jose Maria Aznar, for endorsing the coup of April 2002 which had removed him from power for 48 hours. "Aznar is a fascist, a racist, less human than a snake or a tiger" he declared. Qualifiers that have the King of Spain upset.
After the summit, Chavez said: "The King is king, but he can not shut me up ... He is head of state as much as I, unlike me, I was elected three times ". "He who has lost face is the one who could not control himself, who told us to shut up, as if we were still issues such as the seventeenth or eighteenth century," he told to journalists.
In the annals of diplomacy, it was the first time a head of state asked in a manner as raw to another to be quiet.
In Spanish speaking countries, the "Por qué no te callas?" is diverted for ringtones and videos on the internet (over 300), versions of popular songs in techno, trance, hip-hop in a frenzied Latin regatton called the "Gatton-rey" (the King Gatton).
In Venezuela, the phrase became the slogan of the opposition could do better to speak to a President Hugo Chavez, spiritual son of Cuban Fidel Castro, whose speech lasted sometimes for eight hours!

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